X47 massive battles again

Just been watching the battle going on.

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Its slow but intresting


This whole war is so boring.

Nobody cares except for the parents of the participants.

I mean… come on. the game is so dull right now.

Apparently one of the participants became a parent during the fight.

Anyway, I think the fight was interesting. First time for me using a carrier to make ships explode in PvP was a new experience for me, the rush after downtime to get the timer paused again only to see it tick down all the way to 1:40 before it stabilized, and later on seeing the fleets of battleships all warp to the same spot to brawl it out…

plenty of interesting things happened today!

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Apparently there where good battles outside the system too

How did the bs fight go

Had not paid much attention to those, but saw some campers at the C4C → D0G ansiblex when I tried bringing Gerard over for some bomber stuff.

There also were many ansiblex kills elsewhere in Fraternity space (in Branch) during the fight.

Lot of TIDI, lot of brawling. I couldn’t have told who had an advantage when it started, but I did move my fighters over to help attack the paladins in the backline.

Eventually we had signals that FRT/PH was pulling back their supers, and their battleships then retreated in the direction of the Keepstar from where they too pulled back.

Keepstar is currently being bashed, with no opposition anymore.

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The most interesting of them all is that the server did not crash.


Agreed, the gameplay experience was a lot better today than last time!

Server still had some trouble and I was able to log in in other systems before X47 opened up, but once it did start it was stable.

In further news today: massive presence in X47, but the opposition did not show up at all. Anyway, that keepstar thing is down now. Good riddance.

Oh, and it was very clear today that you can push >2k players into a single (enforced) system without any TiDi at all. The TiDi only starts when the players start issuing commands, launching fighters/drones etc.


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