[Cinematic] The Slaughter of C-LTXS

DISCLAIMER: The name “United Crusade” is simply the name NER uses for the Tri & friends coalition. Also, I completely spaced on the Holy League which is another coalition comprised of Skill urself, We form Volta & friends. They were fighting side by side with Tri & friends. This wasnt intentional sorry.

Music: Prelude to War - Bear McCreary

BR: https://br.inyour.space/?s=567&b=8090829&e=390&t=0PazLq1wJiGrvBvvwvBrfyuvvvvvvvvvvvvvuvvvvvvvv

Read more about what happened: http://newedenreport.com/2018/05/21/cataclysm-in-c-l-xix-move-op-destroyed-3-5-trillion-isk-down-in-ensuing-brawl/

Special thanks to:
FindQuest - Footage
KilmachRus Gaming - Footage
Hugh Caswakk - Run down

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Firstly: Don’t call CFC “The Imperium”. The are the CFC, period. They should never be called anything else, regardless what they say.

Secondly: Nice cinematics. Sadly, they do not portrait the reality. If you slow down the video to 25% speed, that’s how this thing felt and progressed in reality.

yeah, but who wants to watch a tidi fight progress in real time . . .

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