[09/05/2017 Dread PoV] CO2 Vs. TEST in XWY-YM

(Adan Dimaloun) #1

BR: http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=2600&b=7721400&e=420&t=X$w$UI6QR6U3$S6@$

Things are not looking great from the perspective of a USTZ CO2 line member. This Fortizar is a significant win for TEST and might even be the future staging point for TEST & friends as they seek to burn Impass.

Music Used:
Iron by WoodKid
If I had A Heart by Fever Ray

(Evocationz Adhera) #2

GIGX should learn to keep his mouth shut. The diplo document just showed a crazed, ego maniac doing everything he can to cause war and ■■■■ people over

(Adan Dimaloun) #3

Unfortunately you dont know what you are talking about.

(Bicc Bum) #4

Twas a sad day. I missed the actual fight, thought it just would have been another killboard for them. I would be enjoying this war more if CO2 weren’t outnumbered so heavily.

Good fight nonetheless.

(Scipio Artelius) #5

Beautiful video.

(system) #6

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