Abandoned CO2 Promo Project, Thanks For Alliance Gigx

This promotion video I was making for CO2 is an early draft of what I had imagined the final product would end up looking like but since CO2 is ded I thought I might as well post this draft to give everyone an idea of how many assets were locked away in the 68FT Keepstar.

SONG: https://soundcloud.com/astroactual/wormhole

This week null sec lossed one of the greatest content generators since BL. You will be sorely missed Gigx.


it’s odd to read how well praised he gets, despite others saying that he’s an asshole and that judge held everything together. i say, someone who calls for real life information, combined with threats of harm, deserves worse than a ban. you guys are nuts.


I’m not in NS or any of the involved groups, but keep in mind that many of the posts about him are/were planted as part of the meta-game. The threat was vague, followed by ‘Australia, that’s not worth the plane ticket’, and he was in a podcast shortly afterwards with the perp.

The voice channels were being monitored and leaked so it’s not hard to find the soundcasts, so you can listen for yourself. I think you’ll find them surprisingly calm.

hm. that’s actually something for me. hearing him will tell me what’s going on in his mind. thanks, i’ll check it out!

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