A mistake made and speaking in the height of anger

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As we all know the CO2 drama is in full steam roll mode. Trillions of isk stuck/gone and some words said out of turn. Now whilst i do agree that doxxing and threats is wrong, the stuff that has been said is in pure anger at the height of the moment which anyone would’ve done if they had dedicated that much of their time to build and maintain an entity such as CO2.

The bigger picture has to be looked at here. Not only are the CO2 members being attacked by this decision but many Nullsec entities are going to affected by the repercussions. You will be taking away a major power block and thus in turn aid in Null sec leaning back towards stagnation again.

I do believe this crime should be punished but not to this severity. Whilst we do not have a say in what happens in a disciplinary manner within CCP i would hope that you would listen to a community that understands the long term effects this will have.

I close in saying you have let another member of this game play again when they openly offered someone to commit suicide at a public event because they were drunk. This time was said out of passion for something they believe in. Please re-think your decision as far as Gigx goes.

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Didn’t EVE have a video that said, “actions have consequences”?

I’m not sure about a permaban, but more than a slap on the wrist is needed.

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After many chats throughout the day, with a lot of different people concerning this matter. I personally have come to the conclusion that the way this ban came to be and the severity might not be the right proportions.

As said by the OP in the past and current people have said equally bad things or even worse. And have not received such swift and immediate judgement. I can name a few petitions I aware of people who have named people far worse things then GigX did today. Yet even after those petition I still see their names show up in local. ( I will not name them since hell I dont wanna be banned) What gigx did he said in anger in the heat of the moment. He does not deserve a perma ban for it. He does however deserve a punishment for lack of judgement.

CCP needs to tread carefully in this matter and I do not envy the GMs and Devs involved in this matter.

I hope whatever the resolution is, its in the best interest of the game. And we do not lose a content creator like gigx in the process.


Completely agree, the context of what gigX said under the circumstances and that The Judge was streaming him and his reaction I feel Judge baited gigX knowing the reaction that he would get.





He gave Mittani the middle finger… Is anyone even surprised that CCP permabanned him? They were just waiting for the opportunity…

Add this to the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long list of CCP Goonswarm favoritism.


Pardon GigX


Well, I don’t want to take sides here, but IRL threats have always been taken seriously in the gaming community, not just EvE, he is actually lucky that he was not called by local authorities. I mean come on he even asked people if they knew Judge’s home address, which can be taken VERY seriously and then continued with the threat of cutting hands.

Now I don’t know about any other case that happened like previous posters claimed, but these things when they are reported properly are taken into action, I mean, how many chats are moderated after all? Rookie Help? Without players reporting of course nobody is going to get taken care off if they make IRL threats. Now I am not saying that these other people were not reported, but I am more than certain they would be dealt with by providing proper evidence when reporting said behaviour.

I am sorry for seeing him banned, but it was bound to happen, all I can think off is for him to be a good boy and apologise to CCP and Judge for the threats, either with a text message or even with a youtube video. Who knows, maybe he will catch CCP on their good side and reconsider it.

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Pardon Gigx


Completely agree that his anger attributed to what was said and many of us have said many things in anger. This level of anger when your world crumbles even in a game is not cool but completely understood I too believe a permaban is a bit harsh considering some of the other infractions were not as harshly punished. Punish Gigx yes but permaban is a bit outlandish


Pardon Gigx


I hate these new forums but I stand with gigx. He ■■■■■■ up and he knows it, he apologized as well… a perma ban with an Ip ban attached is extremely harsh for one of EVE’s last remaining true content creators.


GigX has admitted that what he said was wrong and he regrets saying it. No one is denying that doxxing and irl threats are unacceptable. However, permanently banning someone for an angry outburst is overkill. Even legal systems have caveats for “crimes of passion.” This wasn’t a premeditated action on the part of GigX and nothing was actually carried out. A temporary ban seems like a more appropriate punishment for this level of offense.


I know gigX and he can be hot headed at times. His response was one at 6am in the morning after spending more than 10 years building the alliance that he loves. The Judge chose his time and audience well and streamed all of the reactions including from the alliance members who were naturally panicking.

GigX is a protective leader and upon seeing the panic and misery in the alliance channels he I believe got heated with Judge and said what he did. He made a mistake as many others have done before him in EVE who didn’t get a perma ban (my god look at what Mitanni did!).

Please don’t perma ban, temp ban fine he needs to learn from his mistakes but a perma ban is too severe.


Off with his hands


This is a shameful attempt at a threadnaught.

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Unfortunately, even after he was warned otherwise on INN, Gigx decided to share his ban notification from CCP. It is plastered all over the internet and IMGUR now. This alone is likely going to end his appeal ability, as it did for Somer Blink. RIP Gigx


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gigx got owned lmfao


This person should be sued for threatening people. No excuses.