GigX made threasts and Mittani did worse

(Syn Shi) #1

And Mittani tried to rally his corp to egg a person on to commit suicide.

Not sure how you can let the Mittani get a pass and GigX not.

Either un-ban Gigx or reinstate Mitanni’s ban.

Also there was what could have been taken as another threat at the end of the open comms channel where Judge was told to watch himself at Eve vegas. After someone asked if he was going to go.

(Pestilen Ratte) #2

Folks should lay off the Mittani. He apologised to the offended party, and what is more he has to live with himself, and his ever growing reputation. Don’t be cruel, his life sucks.

The real evil in this matter are CCP, and particularly the CCP owners and staff who decided not to fire the CCP staff who endorsed, helped organise and rejoiced at the Mittani’s actions.

Let’s be clear, the Mittani was playing and he went to far. CCP were working, they got paid for what they did. Further, they are still getting paid.

Mittani is an individual, CCP are an institution.

Their staff laughed at the things Mittani was saying about one of their vulnerable customers. And that was cool with the senior management and owners. Nobody resigned. Nobody was sacked.

It is why Sony walked away from them, and why they can’t sell the brand.

There is something deeply toxic and perverse about CCP, and the whole world knows it.

The Mittani is just a guy who acted incredibly poorly, but who apologised for it.

(cherry blood) #3

this was before the world decided that bullying was an issue. you can’t punish someone if the rules change after the fact.

the mittani got a 30day suspension, and a lifetime ban from CSM. the ban is still in effect.

(Pestilen Ratte) #4

Fixed it for ya.

(Everial) #5

Yeah there was a punishment, people need to let it go. Maybe if Gigx expresses remorse they will give him a similar reprieve.

(Manks Girl) #6

And gigX has apologised in his SOTA which is out there in the public domain. He made a mistake and was sadly baited by judge.

How on earth is that acceptable even if CCP laughed at it, they really should’nt have or they are just as guilty as Mitanni. In any reasonable mind and as a measure of balance what Mitanni did was worse and streamed globally to 1000’s of people.

Take your heads out of the buckets of kooilaid and it’s time for some bloody consistency from CCP.

(Lone Moss) #7

Where is this SOTA in the public domain? Link plz?

(Gregorius Goldstein) #8

How to get a perma ban lifted: Wait a few days and then appeal. Make clear you understood what you did wrong, acknowledge that the rules are important for the game and say that you are very sorry and promise to be extra careful to not break any rules in the future. Offer to do a compensation like spending ingame currency to an ingame public service and wait patiently. Maybe do a polite request after a month or two and say that you really want to keep playing this awesome game, that you miss your ingame freinds and hope things can be solved. Don’t do any of this in public.

How to make sure you won’t get a ban lifted: Try to relativize your actions by saying “But XY did far worth”. That’s not gonna work and make you look like an angry child. Be a nitpick and try to bargain with the GM into what you think what would be fair. GM decide on a case to case basis and while they don’t have to enforce the full penalty they are totally free to do so when they see it suited. Don’t try to force the GM into anything by sending mass requests on your topic either by yourself or by other players. It just annoys the hell out of them and won’t do your case any good. Because if they would bend to mass request they would make their future work much, much more difficult.

Threats about how many players will quit the game when you are not unbanned are never gonna work either. Same as with the mass requests, once that bottle is opened anyonw banned will try to pull it off in the future. Anything done in public is bad because it lessens the options for the GMs. A lot of things can be arranged in confidence but not on public display.

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(Tiddle Jr) #10

Did you actually rise this up before gigx screwed up himself or was waiting for the good chance all these years?

(GoldSnake) #11

Gigx also posted an entire screenshot of his ban message, which also included the GM name. He not only broke the rules once by making a threat, but then followed up with that.

Quit your whining, gigx is banned.

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Hooray another one of these posts. This is gonna get old fast. Try to keep this stuff to the thread about it with hundreds of comments, where it belongs.

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This thread will now be closed, as CCP does not discuss actions taken against individual accounts with third parties.

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