PC GAMER: EvE Alliance Leader .. banned... Threatening to cut off Another Players Hands

(Arya Alderian) #1

Why cut of his hands?

Isnt that like before Oj simpson and DNA became a thing?

People dont need fingerprints now right do they i dont know or think so?

(Kogilla) #2

I imagine it’d be hard to play EVE without fingers.

(Garen Lemmont) #3

Not excusing his actions, but kinda hard to not see this from his perspective, especially from this in-the-moment occurrence. The ‘lashing out’ I mean, not the specific threat.

With any luck and with some appropriate groveling, I hope CCP will see fit to reverse the Gigx ban.

Eve is a lesser game without players like him. Regardless of the player politics involved.

(Jommis) #4

You see that he was reffering to his ingame char.
Making ingame remarks about goons and test.

Lift the ban…

(Jeremiah Saken) #5

What a bull****, he is just mad over stolen pixels and backstabbing. Bad move CCP. Shame on The Judge, not classy at all.

(Linus Gorp) #6

Mittani got a few days ban for telling someone to kill himself on the ■■■■■■■ Fanfest panel and gigx gets a permaban for this?

Love the Goonswarm favoritism, CCP.

(Loutro Fift) #7

Something something rules.
Manage your anger. It is…just a game

(Jacques d'Orleans) #8

When you steal from thy family, your hand is cut off. Thiefs have had their right hand cut off and repeat offenders had cut the left one too. Simple Balkans Mob concept.

(Rexxar Santaro) #9

Bad news. It’s another BOB button, a broken game mechanic, when one person can disband, steal entire alliance or coalition. It’s an incredible broken mechanic in a such massive MMORPG. This makes MMORPG concept idea broken and the most important and crucial things in game are performed not by community, but by one person doing sh*t. It’s like you choose a city governor in real life and in one day he just can steal everybody’s house at once from cellar to roof, millions of houses, instantly.

The Gigx ban is a way too rough, compared to shitposting flying around Internet. I have to point on law: he didn’t force somebody to do something illegal, he posted what he possibly wanna do. Thinking isn’t a crime in any form.

Overall, this event downgraded this game even in the eyes of High-Sec carebears. These two actions just cut away a lot of content.

With such a progress, this can be the future of EVE:

The end of CO2?
(Nomie Kim Kim) #11

Ya i’m a care bear cuz i just started but i think elder scrolls online Is more fun so.

(Tiddle Jr) #12

What would you think a real person or let’s call them real life gigx gonna do with real life the judge when they meet up same street or building, so the in-game threats sounded pretty clear. Unfortunately for CO2 their leader would never agreed that the last year was fall after fall decision making of him which end up with this. I don’t want to say he.has to bend the knee and kiss the ring and all that ■■■■ but at least he could think twice before he said anything to anyone and make a further actions.

Eve happens.

(JC Mieyli) #13

i play it too sometimes but i dont have morrowind and i cant really get into it that much

(Nomie Kim Kim) #14

i know its fun but eve seem fun to but i dont like the ifl and condone hacking that going on in this game.

(Algarion Getz) #15

Did you know that implying favorism is against the TOS and can result in a ban?

So is racism, obscene language, harassment, etc, yet people spam ASCII dicks and racial slurs in local chat.

How do they say … no plaintiff, no JUDGE.

(Jeremiah Saken) #16

First rule about goons being favorised is we do not talk about goons being favorised. Some much CCP :joy:

Edit: also “better forums”.

(Sequester Risalo) #17

Correct. The ifl is one of the biggest Problems we have in Eve. Because of this I will unsubscribe all my 300 accounts and move to TESO. But first i’m going to tell this a gazillion times in each and every active thread on these forums.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #18

It’s not hacking… he had roles given to him, and he used them to take stuff. No hacking required…

That’s called “Corporate Espionage”

(Krima Sumyungi) #19


(yellow parasol) #20


(Juvir Shadowborne) #21

Policy was changed BECAUSE of this, it wasn’t in place at the time. But let’s ignore this fact, which has been brought up many times since this whole fiasco started, because it doesn’t fit our #freegigx narrative.