Reasons to Not Perma Ban gigX

(Peter Davion Steiner) #1

I read the news of your Permanent Ban afflicted upon the player named gigX in the referenced news article below:

Having played eve for many years, I petition you to remove the ban in gigX for the following reasons. I witnessed the horror of the Mittani, who on live broadcast streamed to the world, encouraging thousands of people to harass another person with the purpose of pushing them to commit suicide. It took CCP several days to Permanently Ban the Mittani, which made most of the player base, and good gamers around the world rejoice. Only to have CCP stab those people in the back and remove the permanent ban against the Mittani, allowing him to continue to play, and ruinng Eve Online to this day.

gigX made an in game threat on in game text chat, he did not do it in real life, on TV or stream for the world to see, the player named The Judge recorded and released the private conversation. CCP banned gigX in the span of a few minutes for life for that, knowing there is no credible way that gigX’s threat could be considered valid.

CCP’s previous actions have left much suspicion. The Mittani having been permanently banned after a long delay, then the ban was later reversed, many were left to think that CCP and Goonswarm are working together. This time, with Goonswarm publically acknowledging that they worked with TEST to target gigX, harass him and his player base, and then get CCP to immediately permanently ban gigX for private comments, instead of the days it took to permanently ban the Mittani, only later to reverse it, makes everyone very sure that CCP has chosen sides, favoring Goonswarm, at the detriment to the rest of the player base.

CCP should not expect its player base to continue to play a game where the game creators consistently and publically favor one faction in the game. This isn’t conjecture, CCP has done this, proven its favoring of the Mittani and Goonswarm over all others, it has been well reported in the news, and it can no longer be tolerated.

The thousands of players that are posting negatively about CCP about this latest incident in eve online are going to vote with their wallets. I will also no longer speak well of CCP and eve online, I will not recommend this game to anyone, and instead do the opposite. I will tell all future gamers to not try this game, to steer clear of it and go elsewhere, because the company that runs it is partial to one group in the game, as they have shown through their actions over the years, and continues to this day.

Unless the permanent ban in gigX is lifted quickly and publicly, making the situation right; because there is no moral equivalent between what the Mittani did, and what gigX typed in private chat. I will not renew my subscription, and ask for a refund.


(Juvir Shadowborne) #2

The last thread about this was closed by ccp, for a reason.

(Beachura) #3

I think we need to understand the alliance is understandably upset, and whilst there are clear forums rules… giving these guys a “little” slack is reasonable.

I’m sure I echo the thoughts of the community when I say that we understand your frustration, however:

CCP are far more likely to listen if you raise concerns via support and email.

Whilst posting here may raise knowledge of your plight, it may not help you achieve your goal.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #4

ALL of these threads are being closed, and will continue to be, for this same reason:

(Beachura) #5

Okay, but you’re spamming now. Thank you.

(Peter Davion Steiner) #6

As players of the game, we should be free to talk about any subject we wish, as long as it is not offensive in language or intent. There is no valid reason to close a discussion thread otherwise.

(Krima Sumyungi) #7

Except that’s a lie by Falcon, because if it was “one of the most severe breaches” Mittani wouldn’t still be here.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #8

Spamming would imply I posted the same thing, which I did not. Reading is your friend.

Not quite how it works, seeing as how that’s what got Gigx banned.

Policy was changed BECAUSE of what the Mittani did, it wasn’t in place when that happened.

(KongGal) #9

So per CCP what Mittani did in 2012 is fine? Was protected by CSM shield.

Telling people to get a guy to take his own life is peanuts compared to write a bit of text ingame?

Only reason CCP won’t look into chaning the ban and that he was banned within 5 min is purely because CCP protect a corrupted CSM member who leaks and shi t but CCP don’t care. now had it been Judge saying what gigX did then it was an other case and he would just be taken off csm and a temp ban.

(Peter Davion Steiner) #10

Krima, that is a good point. Why was the Mittani’s ban even reversed? What a repulsive thing he did on live broadcast to the world. The ban never should have been lifted.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #11

Answered above

(Beachura) #12

You DID post the same thing (essentially). I apologise that you can’t read.

You stated twice the same thing, in order to stifle a difference of opinion.

(KongGal) #13

I had a guy threating my life ingame. threating to come by where i live “he lives about an hour away” threating to break every single bone in my body. i was even reported to the police and i added a copy of the police report to CCP… that very same guy is still playing EVE today on the same account… CCP don’t really care.

CCP is goon controlled and we all know it… if goons want gigX unbanned then CCP will unban him. Goons wanted MIttani unbanned and bam a perm was changed into a temp ban. Goons want something changed in the game and baam it gets changed

(Jeremiah Saken) #14

This. Otherwise new forums rules makes no sense.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #15

You do know that even accusing them of this is something that can get you suspended or banned, right? And no, you’re once again ignoring the fact that has been plastered since this was all started. The policy about RL threats was changed BECAUSE of the Fanfest incident. But let’s ignore that, because it doesn’t fit our #freegigx narrative. It doesn’t hold water.

(DerRaucher) #16

poor ccp payed by mittani ?

(Krima Sumyungi) #17

They shouldn’t have needed a “policy” to keep Mittani permabanned for that ■■■■. It’s CCP’s game, they decide who comes and goes, policy or no.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #18

He WAS permabanned from the CSM panel

(yellow parasol) #19

you guys are doing it wrong.

this thread needs more laughing babies.

no compilations, please, so everyone gets a turn. :smiley:

92 million views in six years. damn…

(Krima Sumyungi) #20

Are we moving goal posts now? He was permabanned from the game, and they reversed it for absolutely no good reason. Either A.) CCP favors GOONS or B.) CCP is inept.