The end of CO2?

Regarding the latest developments in EVE, can CO2 recover? If anyone is still in the dark about this, here are some links.

Is this the end of CO2?

It will be reformed as a small mining family corporation.


In before the lock.

Honestly I like those guys at Prettygoodgaming. They do pretty good game coverage.

Yeah, Pretty Good Gaming is one of the better channels that I subscribed to. Those guys can be funny as hell, and the honesty is really refreshing as well. They say what should be said.

The answer is no, CO2 will not recover. They’re done. Over. Finished.

And people say this game isn’t fair! :smiley:

My take on the subject at hand.

The Judge, did CO2 dirty, straight up. But if Gigex did all those things he said, I cant say that he didnt have it coming.

But Judge may as well delete his toon and start over because he has made so many enemies in game that he will be hunted until this game goes offline.

A few months this will all blow over, and next year there will be another knife in someone elses back.

Judge, if you’re listening, New Order Logistics is recruiting!

Well he has enough ISK to do what he wants…but yeah who would ever trust him again

Goons did it again.
Well played, o7

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Being in an Aussie alliance I had some second hand knowledge of the Judge before this event, he was arrogant and thought a lot of himself and that feeling came from multiple people in my alliance who had met him at Eve events, he was obviously easily played by Arynth because of this. None of my alliance mates were surprised by this and most would not have trusted him to take a bin out…


As it stands at this moment, The Judge might join Goonswarm. At least, that is the information publicly available. However, we all know the saying “If you got with another girl by cheating on your old one, you will do it again”.

Looking at the broader picture set before us, The Judge betrayed CO2. What will stop him from doing it again if another disagreement arises in his new corporate relationship? One can also wonder, how does a corp recruit one guy that has proven himself to be devious. and believe that it will not be the same with them? Should the Goons, or any corp that The Judge joins, be especially vigilant?

Probably GigX is now more popular and held in greater esteem than The Judge. :smirk:

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Some corps can set themselves up in a way where in the event of a theft or awox, the damage would be trivial. I read the Kotaku article and it explained his feelings very well… He isn’t looking to have a seat in the drivers chair anymore. He’s fine joining Goonswarm and being a line member that has fun just blowing up spaceships. I guess a lot of us don’t realize how much of a real job taking on an administrative position in this game can be. I imagine he didn’t have a lot of time to feel like a regular member and fly stuff around shooting at people.

So now this guy is going to have upwards of 2 trillion+ isk to play with to do that. The dude doesn’t need to recreate himself to do that while he’s in Goonswarm because it’s a culture where he won’t find himself in a position where they won’t let him be a line member or even lead some fleets. If he were to want to leave and join someone else, then yeah he would maybe want to look at creating a new character / identity, but he has 2t+ isk to do that with.

So basically, just limit what the dude can touch or has access to either in a hangar or even the information he’d be allowed to read / hear.

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Yeah,… it is like this.

“I never could bring myself to trust a traitor,” the Baron said. “Not even a traitor I created.”
― Frank Herbert, Dune


Threatening another player with out-of-game consequences for in-game actions is metagaming. If I can convince you to give me a titan by threatening to go to your house and punch you in the face, that’s metagaming. Tracing your IP number and hindering or disabling internet access for your subnetwork while I destroy your ship and capsule is metagaming. Impersonating a CCP employee to gain access to knowledge or assets of other players is metagaming.

It is not an excuse to simply say that someone was metagaming.


I think you’re mistaken. The Judge is the guy that stole everything. He made no threats or hints at any such thing. Gigx was the alliance leader of CO2 and is the one that made the threats. Hope that makes my previous post make more sense.

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What am I mistaken about?

Oh I see what happened. I wouldn’t really consider real life threats metagaming… because it’s against the rules.

Making an appeal to rules is laughable as nearly every society known to man has rules against what The Judge did. And although most societies have explicit rules against threats and violence, they are judged less harshly in light of mitigating circumstances . . . like betrayal and theft of property. Perhaps you are familiar with terms like “stand your ground”, “defense of property” honor killing", crime of passion", “mutual combat”, “fighting words”, “act of war”. In most societies, if you commit certain types of behavior, like backstabbing and stealing, it is expected that others will be hostile and even violent towards you. Some cultures even demand it.

I said it that way, now let me say it this way: it’s not enough to simply say that what someone did is within the rules or not within the rules.

No I meant like we’re playing a video game that contain a set of rules. One of those rules protects people from others that make real life threats.

This is simple really. How can it be part of the meta if it isn’t allowed and is a banable offense?