@CCP As a person that has had suicide effect my life, that hurts

I have had a family member commit suicide. I have struggled with depression my entire life. I don’t think half of you understand how hard it is to do simple things when you are extremely depressed. Just to get out of bed, to brush your teeth, to clean up the damn house. Depression that can lead to suicide is a very real thing in the gaming world. CCP I am absolutely ashamed of the way you handled Mittani back in the day. I am even more devastated at the way this latest was handled. The latest events, you put the events into an order of importance. You basically told ME, and the world that what MIttani did was not as bad. You brought all the hurt I’ve dealt with back into my life. DO you guys even think about what the heck you are doing half the time? I am so, absolutely ashamed of you as a company, but more over I am hurt by it. I am hurt by what you choose to take a stand on and what you don’t. I am hurt on who you chose to stand up and defend. You didn’t decide to defend the guy that struggles to get out of bed, struggles to talk to his family, struggles to just be happy.

ISD don’t you dare lock this. I will make sure I have discussions on every forum possible if you shut this down.

Discussion of it, he implicitly says we don’t discuss it.

But then breaks that and opening it up for discussion 16:45 later

PS - Also really, really, really hurt that in your statement you actually say it’s okay what Mittani did up until the point of the QA session. You as a company think it’s okay to make fun of a suicidal person? I mean seriously? Do you want to be the company that will trade a few laughs over the misery of another human being, just as long as the character isn’t mentioned? Did you EVER, EVER ONCE stop and think about what if that person was watching that video and how it would make him feel? You as a company really need to take a hard look at yourselves.

PPS - I also think the way you handled it back then lead to more of an indifferent attitude by your player base. You had a real chance to do something great and you chose not to. Look at all the posts on reddit yesterday about Mittani, you obviously failed at making sure people understood it was not okay. There were like 10 people opposed to what Mittani did and the rest posting said it was okay, or “not that bad”. You failed CCP, make it right.

PPPS - I don’t know Gigx, I don’t care about Gigx, the only thing I care about is CCP taking a stand on importance of events.


Ye Gigx did apologize publicly . A little empathy from CCP should be had here and the permaban lifted in place a 3 month ban or something . He did masssively overstep and was punished due to it but the punishment is excessive


Not a fan of either Mittens or GigX, but you actually need to read the true story and event time line from 5 years ago to understand the differences between the fanfest incident and the latest CO2 drama. There are numerous and important differences in the two cases; differences that resulted in two different final results. Sorry about your personal problrms, but you need to fully and accurately understand the real facts before jumping up on a soapbox.

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I am not fully up to speed on what happened. But from what I have gleaned from what you have posted, I dont see CCP being responsible. It was the actions of a player who was a CSM, and was punished by CCP for his actions.

If we were to treat every person in game like someone who is “suicidal” or clinically depressed, we wouldnt have some of the epic levels of salt we do end up with. But that would be an ideal world. This is far from an ideal world.

But trying to hold CCPs feet to the fire for actions of its players in game is just wrong. Had it been a GM or a CCP employee directly then sure. But seeing as it was a CSM which are players and are not employees of CCP, CCP is not at fault.

CCP approved his mocking a suicidal person on their public forum. Like they actually got his slides he submitted beforehand, looked at it and approved it. It was on a public forum setup by CCP, and CCP put him up on that forum.

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I can tell you why it is “ok”, it’s actually pretty simple:
People in the internet talk ■■■■ all the time and you never know if there is some truth to it or not. If I would take everything you read in-game for granted, I would have needed to inform some kind o authority at least every few weeks.
On the other hand, I know quite a few cases where people are just lying. Be it simple attention whoring or pretending to be female, a sucessful business owner or to be in some kind of trouble or any other story, doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter why.
It’s just a simple fact, that the current internet culture is one of lies and not caring about others.

Take your story for example, could be the truth or could be just made up to push your agenda. We simply don’t know and as trolling (and making things up) is the norm and not the exception, we will always assume that you are not telling the (whole) truth.


Andddd you are exactly what CCP has let go on by not dealing with it in the first place, thanks for making my point.

Unfortunately this happened but again, not really CCPs fault. CCP didnt say anything, they were passive in this issue. Ultimately it fell on the player who did it.

CCP took action and those actions were harsh. Again, the company cant be held responsible for its customers.

This was dealt with five years ago based on policies that were in place at the time, and was handled by a different team, under those different policies.

Policies have since been updated and have become more strict based on changes in behavior with regards to trolling online.

This thread is being closed, as it’s relates to the suspension and banning of accounts.

If you’d like to open up threads on third party forums, then that’s your prerogative.

However, account action will not be discussed here.

Thread closed.