A mistake made and speaking in the height of anger

Lets be honest any one of us could said those same things in the heat of the moment His was just fkeed out of his alliance all his stuff stolen. People who care will say some things sometimes when there friends and members are messed with. Does this make him a bad guy no makes him human a temp ban sure lesson learn perma ban no. I realize CCP need to cover there bases when threats are made but i think it also needs to be at in context.


so basicly what eveyone here is saying is “its ok becase its gigx” , “grr goons” and “but mittani”


Please reconsider your permaban CCP


So should Mitanni for cyber bullying and harassment inciting hatred towards a particular mentally impaired individual then.


To further clarify: I have heard people make the argument: If you find out your wife has been cheating on you, you may say “I’m gonna kill that mother******”. The difference is, if you do it with a tape recorder going, she immediately can divorce you, take everything, and you have no argument in court due to what you said. She could ALSO take same recording to the police and have you arrested for terroristic threatening, sued, etc. This is not an out of line punishment, I think it is proper and well placed.

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also unban stunt’s main first before you even consider unbanning gigx, tia.


B-bbbut… THE MITTANI! isn’t a good reason to be an apologist for someone who thinks making real life threats of grievous bodily harm against people over pixelships is acceptable.
e: :words: are hard.


Actions have consequences.

These are his.



Eu jogo EVE a mais de 10 anos e já passei por muitas situações ruins, muitas delas fora geradas por guerras de soberania e outras por querras de vaidades.

O que ocorreu com a CO2 é nitidamente uma guerra de vaidade, aonde o DINHEIRO falou mais alto. Tanto a TEST quento o Sr. Judje foram pagos e demonstraram o quanto são sem caráter.

Tendo isso em vista acredito que o Sr. Judje deve ser punido pela CCP sendo destituido do seu cargo no CSM, tendo em vista que foi eleito pela grande maioria dos players da CO2;

Sendo assim, gostaria de pedir o apoio dos que se solidarizam com a situação da CO2 solicitando formalmente à CCP que o Sr. Judje seja destituido e que o Sr. gigX tenha seu banimento revisto e retirado.


I have played EVE for over 10 years and I have been through many bad situations, many of them generated by wars of sovereignty and others by wars of vanities.

What happened with CO2 is clearly a war of vanity, where MONEY spoke louder. Both TEST and Mr. Judje were paid and demonstrated the how much they are without character.

In view of this, I believe that Mr. Judje should be punished by the CCP being dismissed from his post in the CSM, since he was elected by the vast majority of CO2 players;

so I would like to ask the support of those who are sympathetic to the CO2 situation by formally asking the CCP for Mr Judje to be dismissed and Mr gigX have your banishment reviewed and withdrawn.


Trumps president of america and lost the majority vote, just because you stop agreeing with your elected representation doesn’t mean they stop being your representative.


also goons probably did more to get him that csm spot than co2 did

only thing i have to say that if mittani was not permabanned then they should not permaban gigx. what mittani did was way worse.


Pardon GigX


Telling people to ■■■■ with someone in a videogame for their videogame actions != asking people to doxx someone and threatening to go where they live and maim them.

There are many “content creators” who deserve to be unbanned years before gigx. It’s not really normal behavior, and shouldn’t be accepted as such.





Regardless of what it was, if it was a war or grudge, actions speak louder, he broke the rules, this is a game where even CCP themselves advertised that you can work your way up in trust and just ruin an entire alliance apart, and he needed to put IRL and pixels apart.

All we can do now is remember this and tell CCP “Hey remember that ban of the guy that did a life threat? This guy did too and here is proof, ban him too”

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Do you know the word impeachment? When corruption and / or bank diversion is proven, this option exists. What Mr. Judje did is a deviance of conduct, which clearly shows how corrupt he is. Therefore, impeachment


Like you;;;;


Really tho, some discipline is in order… but a perma-full account ban is a bit much for a “understandably hot moment,” that many people who are in Alliance exec/high up positions, could easily react the same.

Yes, it was the wrong response. He got a call at what… 5am, to be told all his alliance assets were taken… By a friend.