A mistake made and speaking in the height of anger

A permaban is actually relatively lenient, from the POV of the industry itself.

I have worked on 2 MMO releases in the last 8 years at the CS level, and on both titles I worked, real life threats against other players or support staff resulted in your account being banned and your personal information passed to your local law enforcement agency along with a report of the incident.

We reported one threat in Russia and were informed the individual had been taken in to custody within about an hour of our contact.

Policies get updated, EUALA’s change, but ignorance is no protection. If CCP really went with the industry standard Gigx would be receiving more than a slap on the wrist, he’d be receiving a knock on the door with some disgruntled law enforcement people annoyed that they had to deal with a stupid issue over a computer game.


Just a thought, but are you sure that’s not perhaps more of an argument for reinstating mittens ban than one for not banning gigsi? :confused: or is that what you’re aiming at? not trying to troll just asking.

That “Heat of the Moment” Line of reasoning sure goes well for PewDiePie currently…




I think this ban should be enforced 110%. Not only did he make real life threats, he also showed premeditation of perpetuating the crime. There needs to be precedent set, and people need to learn how to control their temper. Yes I understand that it sucks, but to threaten someone, and then try to follow up with such a threat, whether real or just a threat could harm CCP in the long run. In fact, not only would they be conspirators, and held liable. CCP could also be considered accessories. Where I live in Canada, planning any sort of a crime is illegal in itself. Not sure ho the laws in Iceland are, but if they let him do it, whats to stop the next guy to make threats and follow through with it. People need to realize you can’t threaten someone even if you have no intention of following through with it. Now if he threatened to make his life in game the worst imaginable, it would be a different story. I would hope that CCP also notified law enforcement about this incident. If they do not respond appropriately, and Judge was actually hurt - CCP would exist no more. This world is a toxic place and I think this is the right course of action.

If this GigX fellah can’t differentiate between space pixels and real life, whats to stop his anger in RL where real people can get hurt. I hope GigX and all of his supporters learn from his mistakes.

Cheers CCP


Constantly trying to bring up a ban case of another person will not help gigx. Each case is decided on it’s own merit, CCP will look at what gigx did, before and after the ban was received and when it is brought up for appeal decide the case. Nothing of Mittani’s ban will figure into the decision they make and if you think it will you are foolish.


Pardon GigX

If you must, ask him to issue a video/audio apology stating that doxxing and RL threats are not acceptable actions. That way you (CCP) can use it to push through the PR nightmare this is bound to stir up. But you, as a company, have pushed for events like these for years knowing full well that to many us EVE is more than just a game. And just as in real life, if a long time friend betrays you tempers are going to flare as they have betrayed you as a person, not just as an in game avatar. Those who say they can completely separate the two are truly the sociopaths amongst us.

In short, it’s not the loss of pixels that causes situations like these to explode, but the complete betrayal of trust and feeling of helplessness that it brings upon you that causes people to lash out. So please reconsider the perm ban and issue a more fitting punishment in context of the events that occurred.



The lawyer makes up a slide-show to exhort his disciples to harass a guy to suicide, and gets 30 days after saying oops, I was drunk.


Pretty sure this “was” the fitting punishment in their eyes. Then Gigx decided to break another policy and share the ban e-mail, making his case for appeal even less likely. He helped hammer the last few nails into his coffin.


Please give the guy a 30 day ban as is necessary and not more.Please.
Thank you for taking this into consideration!


“As is necessary” is determined by their policies, not by us players. Their policy dictates RL threats take a permaban, something that came into effect after the actions of the Mittani at Fanfest.


Here’s the thing. It wasn’t a one time thing.

gigX is known for this, and it should not be acceptable. It also didn’t happen once, but multiple times over the course of an hour. gigX even logged in alts to continue to threaten him once he kicked BAKA from CO2 to try and stop Judge from streaming Alliance Chat.

He got what he deserved and should not be given the opportunity to apologize for a reduced penalty, as it would not be sincere.


he raged out,it;s perfectly normal,put yourself in his shoes


I know, but that photo was leaked from someone he shared it with, not GigX himself. Not that it’s an excuse, but who of us haven’t read off a CCP response to a ticket before? And something as large as a ban who wouldn’t be tempted to share it with those around you pressing for details?

I agree it makes it less likely, but sharing something like this with all the hysteria being worked up around it is hardly the final nail in the coffin.


As I said previously:

I have heard people make the argument: If you find out your wife has been cheating on you, you may say “I’m gonna kill that mother******”. The difference is, if you do it with a tape recorder going, she immediately can divorce you, take everything, and you have no argument in court due to what you said. She could ALSO take same recording to the police and have you arrested for terroristic threatening, sued, etc. This is not an out of line punishment, I think it is proper and well placed.

It’s not “normal” for your gut reaction to be to want to find someone and cut their hands off, then kill them painfully, either.


That photo came because he DID share it with someone, which is NOT allowed. Whether he posted it or shared it with someone private doesn’t matter, you’re NOT supposed to share it PERIOD.

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myeah,free the guy don’t overthink it

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You literally aren’t telling me or anyone here something we don’t already know.

HE DIDN’T THINK HE WAS GONNA GET CAUGHT, yeah that’s a real defense strategy right there.