Citadel Fuel

The need for fuel for a module has gone up a lot, before it was 360 to activate and 120 per day, now there are 720 to activate and 240 a day, when in the module it says that 10 units are needed per cycle, someone would know how to explain it. changed?

Citadel service modules all have different fuel requirements, and some structures grant fuel reductions to certain types of modules. Also, a cycle is one hour, so 10 units per hour would indeed be 240 per day.

So what service module are you asking about, and what type of structure is it installed in?

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Reprocess in Raitaru

The Engineering Complexes lost their bonuses to reprocessing and now only offer fuel bonuses to industry related services, such as Manufacturing, Invention and Research. For reprocessing and reaction services, you need to setup one of the new Refinery structure, the Athanor or Tatara.

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Now I understand, it’s a shame because it’s quite expensive now xD
Thanks for the help

Only expensive cause they we’re just released, should drop down in price and stabilize over the next month.

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