Service Module Fuel Cycle

Service Module Fuel Cycle Need - 10 units for the cloning center.

How long is this in terms of time? Is it an hour, that is my guess.

I am trying to plan out my play for the next six months but I cannot locate any details on how long this actually is. All it says is 10 units which does not help me a lot.

A cycle is one hour. Onlining a service module will consume 3 days of fuel instantly.

You can confirm the cycle time by trying to fit an unbonused Engineering Complex or Refinery with the cloning module in the fitting simulator to see the fuel consumption per day in the fuel panel to the right. It will say 240, 24 hours times 10 units.

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Thank you Qia Kare.

I did not know that you could actually simulate a Upwell structure, I will play with that then thanks. Ooooooh that is rather nice, my excuse is that I have not looked at citadels in terms of fitting up to now, but this makes things a lot easier.

And of course having now worked it back I think at a cost of 130m a month to have the ability to switch one clone without a delay is not worth it…

And it gets worse in my current NPC station with who I have standings of 9.99 I get 65.8% refining with a T2 rig on a Athanor refining on standard ore I get 60.5472%, is this really correct? That is so underwhelming, oh dear…

Why the hell did people put these things up for basic ore refining, I honestly thought that they gave useful bonuses compared to high standing NPC stations, I stand very corrected.

  1. Reprocessing Taxes goes into the own pockets (or no tax at all)
  2. Moon Mining Ability
  3. NPC Stations can not compress ore.

To your % values: I have not looked at the numbers, so no clue if they are right or wrong, but what you should keep in mind: As far as i know, these Rigs have a different effection multiplier for High, Low, Null/WH. So in Null Sec, the Rig Bonus is much better than in High Sec.
Just know it for Industry Rigs. There the Bonus doubles if you compare High Sec to Null Sec.

I found an Athanor next door to my base and that reported 68.5% so worth it, no idea on the fit though… Checked the fit T1 rig, still the simulation said 58% so the rest is character skill level so.

I noticed the different affect in terms of different areas of space. But I was focussed on trying to see if it was worth me setting up an Athanor in an 0.5 system and it is.

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