Citadels Noob Questions

(Lulu Lunette) #1

Okay so thinking about swapping my reprocessing facility for the invention one. Is it unusual to do that? I thought I’d be doing more reprocessing than I am. What are the penalties, if any, for swapping service modules on an Astrahus?

Another question: what if I was storing clones, and I took down the Citadels cloning bay module. What does that do to my clones stored there? Can I still swap with them?


(Tipa Riot) #2

When you swap, that means remove a service module for another, all associated activities will be canceled. Specifically, if you rip out the clone service all stored clones get destroyed. Running jobs will be terminated.

This is different to services just running out of fuel, if you refuel jobs can be restarted and clones survive.

(system) #3

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