Citadels, overview and you

So, you have changed overview and how they handle citadels…

The small dock/not-dockable icon I like.
The colorcode I dont see a reason for, but it is fine (but rather annoying that you can now mix it up with your ships)
The position… OMG, what have you done. You have gone from citadels having a fixed position in your overview, which made sense, to now it moves around, following some weird logic. And when a fleetmate sits in the citadel, it changes color(I like the idea that you can see someone is in it, but now you mix it up with ships (just add something to the icon instead like with “dockable”)). And even worse, It also changes postion… What the hell!

Citadels/stations should both have a fixed position, because reasons!


I also like the icon, although the “cannot dock” icou should be more like X than what is it currently as both icons right now looks very similar.

The colorcode is great. I don’t understand the negative comments, how can you mistake ship with citadel??? The color or the icon helped me to esily identify my enemies structures without need to check each citadel manually. However, I think there should be no icon color by default - it is now confusing with any corp you set at 0 standing. So by default there should be no color and the gray color should appear only for corps set to 0 (gray).

As for position, I didn’t notice any changes. Neither do I see changes when someone is sitting in citadel. Afterall, whether someone is or is not in it was always visible via the end bracket with number [0] (nobody) or [X] (x ppls inside)

About someone being in it, I meant if someone is controlling it and you are in fleet with them. You can see if it being controlled and you are in fleet with them. You couldn’t before.

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This is what is happening when a fleetmate takes control:

CCP added a button on the overview settings under appearance tab for “apply to ships and drones only” and defaulted it to checked on.

I actually really like the colors. So I unchecked that box, and now easily identify enemy from friendly citadel on grid. The arrows and such are extremely tiny if you scale your interface down to 90% though. Nothing is perfect.

omg, thank you Ragnar!

Does anyone else find it annoying that the docking right symbol is white on a grey background for all neutral citadels? It may as well be invisible having white on a grey background.

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