Docking Rights Symbol in Overview wrong after DT today

after DT all Citadels have the symbol for “You do not have docking access”, but I’m allowed to dock.

Even our own Corp-Citadels. Standing makes no difference, Denied-Symbol on all Structures…

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Since DT I can’t even see the citadel icons in the overview unless they are on grid !
The brackets in space also seem to have gone awol !

EVE quality control. Working as intended… It’s staggering just how bug ridden and unstable EVE has become in the past year. Clear evidence that there are few if any experienced developers and programmers left to tackle these problems.

Can’t wait for the 64-bit client to finally remove the last illusions of competency at CCP.

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Changing system fixes it

seems they noticed it an fixed something as it wasn’t changing for me on session change (jumping to new system) tho then suddenly it did and another toon that was sitting in space in the same system also suddenly had an OV refresh and everything showed up as it should finally ! :smiley:

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