Access or not access citadel

is it possible to be able to enlarge the icons, because with the new system access and not access it kills the eyes on a screen 4k?
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UI scaling from the options is all I can think of.

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yes but its increasing everything else

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Think you are SOL then.

Send a ticket and perhaps CCP will increase its native size in UI.
They regularly make UI changes, so its entirely possible they will change it.

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Hi there,

We have no plans to allow the enlargement of these icons specifically I’m afraid. As Salvos explains above, UI scaling can mitigate some of your concerns, and I’d also point out that hovering over the icon provides a tooltip that explains your docking access clearly.

Thanks for the post!

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Can we atlast get better / adjustable colours on the dock/no dock icon?

Every single citadel I encounter is neutral to me, and so they all have a lightgrey background with white lines for the icons; they’re a bitch to decipher at a glance. If I’m in low-sec and warping to a citadel with bad guys hot on my heels, I NEED to know if I can dock or not, and I don’t have time to hover over a miniscule icon to figure that out whilst multitasking combat, drones, aligning, watching local, d-scan, managing fleet etc…

Can the grey “neutral” bakground have a green tick for “yes you can dock” and a red cross for “no dockings for you”? Or if that’s too colourful, even just black text on the light grey background?

K thx bai!

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