Seriously? You removed the blue lines in overview?

I came on, and voila, when I started running incursions, I realized that the blue line is gone. It makes anchoring a nightmare: you don’t know when to put the prop mods on or off. It makes aligning a nightmare: you don’t know where you’re going and what direction you’re going and you feel essentially blind. And I’ll tell you if I realize what other things it makes into a nightmare. (I want to put a nightmare the ship pun in here but I’m so unhappy about this new change I don’t even feel like it). Whatever changes you made please revert, or like the red dot, give a button for reverting. Reverting an overview change isn’t hard.

(edit)like the community suggestion of the red dot which you sadly didn’t implement

(edit2)just got bumped on a gate, another thing that the changes made a nightmare
Also I think CCP called it a bug. It’s funny because everything bad people blame on CCP. You know something’s wrong when people think bugs are changes…

(edit3)now it works, somehow the same feature has different bugs, good job CCP for fixing the bug, I wonder what would have made it? you were not planning any new updates and such, right?

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What blue line are you speaking of?

Do you mean vectorized speed visible in tactical view? If removal isnt in patch notes then maybe you clicked something and it was turned off, or its a bug.

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:red_circle: The speed vectors are still there I believe, but the blue line with the circle on the end point indicating your movement direction is gone. I had a nice glitch after DT where the white movement vector lines got stuck when I warped on a busy grid and became thousands of kilometers long. Closing the tactical overlay removed that but the blue direction indicator is still gone.

The OP talks about the blue line that extends from your own ship’s speed vector:


I saw this once and never used it. Thank you!

For me, the arrow appears but always points down no matter which direction I move or if I stand still.
I submitted a bug report.


I use those blue lines too.

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So are those lines gone on accident or because there was a conscious decision?
I really want them back.

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CCP tweeted that it is a bug and they are working on a fix.


I dont see a tweet from CCP


Thank you for sharing!

I use those lines all the time as well.

:red_circle: It’s fixed now. Would be very nice if CCP used their ingame notifications to tell people they fixed that issue after DT in the course of the afternoon. I saw that CCP pushed the fixed files onto TQ as the launcher told me files could not be applied due to clients running. Would be nice to know what’s going on there and it would be a very nice use for the ingame notification system. :slight_smile:

from a favorite quote about why we cant have a button to go to character screen

“that would take a handful of devs 6 months for a 15 sec advantage”

tldr version: they will just say no

More like that will take one dev a coffee break…

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