CK-0FF || NPC 0.0 War Industrialist Corp || Recruiting Cap pilots & Multiboxers || US/AU

CK-0FF is a storied organization; currently residing in Great Wildlands as a member of Nullsechnaya Sholupen. Honor bounded by deep friendships we are committed to creating CK-0FF into an industrial powerhouse capable of supporting all the tools of war we need and more. Focused on growth of member capacity and ability, we are recruiting industrialists who are looking to get better at PvP. We are no a crabbing or renting organization, anyone who expects to be able to just krab will be removed. We provide all doctrines for individuals in the form of corp socialist doctrines in staging.

NPC space is an interesting environment for living in, presenting a difficult path for traditional sov activities such as ratting. To supplement income, we encourage individuals to look into industrial activities, especially corp related activities. A major goal of CK-0FF is 100% in hour t2-production, something we have been working on since our reformation over a year ago. With well structured corp roles, all members who are accepted have opportunities to make isk assisting in corp production.

What we off:

  • Strong corp culture, super laid back and welcoming
  • 0% Tax structures
  • Alliance Comms & Pings
  • Daily moongoo access
  • New Capital Pilot cap rebates
  • Socialist Doctrine caches
  • Capital and Subcap content daily
  • Daily JF runs
  • IRL comes first, no kick for long absence upon valid reasons

What we expect:

  • Interest in PvP and helping Alliance reach its goals
  • Multiple accounts (2 or more)
  • A cap capable toon (No cap required, reference capital ship rebates)
  • You must have the capacity to learn through mentorship
  • You are willing to apply through our Alliance forums (required by alliance for new players)

If you are interested please mail “Chuggi” ingame or come to our pub channne; “CK-0FF Pub” or comment below! Great opportunities for growth.

ps. No Trump supporters

What about hilary supporters? She used to be hot you know :wink:

Former supporters of either are welcome into our Idealistic Berniecratic society

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