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Hey Name : Bishop

played game on an off for several years but never really got into playing amongst a good team , if honest i just kept levelling my skills absent from game, i lost my first account cos i got a refund on a years worth of payments and not gonna pay lol to get account back so i started another …currently have a toon with 54M skill points my original had 104M … age 47 from Manchester …just looking for a friendly place to learn more about game as ive just been loggin in for skill points etc and i think its so frustrating that the game doesnts make it as easy to join teams as warcraft or world of tanks ive played for past 20 years or so …i think if game could offer a more easier way to interact with people and make it easier to join groups it would be on a winner …anyway please dont think this is a gripe cos the game is great with missions etc but i was just looking for help to join a good group of people thats all …any help please message …thanks x

I think it would be useful to state what type of gameplay you are looking to learn about as not every corp does everything or more focused groups might be more useful to learn from.

Btw it is called a corp(oration) in game. Personally don’t think it matters but some people might be triggered by such terminology, though hopefully most can overlook such and not get bothered.

Also are you only looking to learn or also specifically interested in the social aspect as well? Because aside of corps you can also join public chat channels of interest (or even private ones if you can get the password for them), thus that is also worth considering (even parallel to joining a corp).

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