Cleaning your ship should cost ISK

Hi, Im Solonius Rex. Head spokesperson for the Workers Unite union 516. I’m here today to speak to you about a little-thought about underclass of working migrants and minimum wage workers.

We here at Workers Unite union 516 represent the hard working laborers who work day in and day out to provide quality service to keep your ships squeeky clean, and do so in under 3 seconds. These workers frequently must camp out and sleep in the middle of hallways in the station because they cannot afford proper living quarters.

Many of them apply for food subsidies when possible, often going hungry in places like Caldari and Amarr stations.

This is a petition to the heads of staff at CCP, to make cleaning your ship cost a minimum of 10,000 isk, and a maximum of 10 million isk depending on the size of the ship.

Please, show your support by posting in this thread.

Thank you.

Workers Unite local 516
Head relations service, and Super Nice Guy

Solonius Rex

I support this. I will pay extra if they buff my helmet.

I would gladly pay a fee to keep my ships clean but only if it’s automatic - a contracted service. If I still need to manually click the clean button - no.

Cool. So every time you dock, you get charged 10 million and every ten seconds you spend inside the station you get charged 10 million, because, you know, were cleaning your ship.

Glad youre okay with this.

Rational players will only enter into the contract if they value the service more than the fee. At the prices you suggest, I doubt you’ll get many customers!

IF it cost isk to clean a ship thats a very expensive wash, ISK is a lot of plantary cash thats been converted into a interstellar kredit used for very expensive purchases…reason why when you have to do a dead drop of cash for some bandits for kidnapping a doctor the agent waves it off as a joke.

To clean an entire ship like an avatar in less than 3 seconds? Yes, I imagine that is a very expensive wash.

How much do you think it costs the US to wash the USS Gerald Ford, one of the largest supercarriers existing today?

Now, How much do you think it will cost to wash the USS Gerald Ford in under 3 seconds?

Who said it was optional?

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