"Clear Caches" in options?

When I open in-game options (via ‘Esc’-key) under the ‘Reset Settings’ tab there is an option to ‘Clear All Cache Files’…was going to use it to clear out hard-drive space, but will it delete things like in-game bookmarks, contact lists, etc.?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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It deletes static data downloaded from the server - it’s harmless but things like character thumbnails will be black until they are downloaded from the server again. Flushing the cache is one of the first troubleshooting steps to take if the client is misbehaving since the cache can get out of sync with the server. Edit: any saving will be temporary since the client will immediately start saving static data there again - it does significantly reduce bandwidth when you have tens of thousands of active connections.

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I was worried about the same thing happening before I first used the option, but don’t worry, it doesn’t delete any your personal settings.

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Thank you for replies and information.


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