Eve Online Client Cache

what are the cache folders that contain the files that I can delete without problems?
Can the files be deleted here?
C: \ Users \ Myname \ AppData \ Local \ CCP \ EVE \ c_eve_sharedcache_sisi_singularity \ settings_Default
C: \ Users \ Myname \ AppData \ Local \ CCP \ EVE \ cache \ QtWebEngine \ Default \ Cache

I don’t want to delete the eve launcher settings or the acocunts that I have stored in the eve launcher.

You can clear the cache from the settings tool inside the game. Deleting files manually isn’t recommended if you want to maintain a working game!


in which paths does the tool inside the game act?

Clearing the cache basically means the client will download the files it needs from the server again as it needs them. Generally you only do this if the game is misbehaving - there is a mismatch between the client and server.

You can also verify integrity using the launcher options menu, useful if you’re getting a client error.

Unless you’ve told Eve to download everything, it only downloads what it needs for the gameplay you participate in - deleting stuff in an effort to save space will probably break things.

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