Eve launcher crashes


five minutes ago my eve launcher closed and restarted itself. However, every time it starts, it crashes a second later with an error regarding Qt5WebEngineCore.dll
Launcher Version: 1875.733.1441.0

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Me too I didn’t even do anything nor was present when it happened. Crashes immediately every time you try to launch again…

Strangely enough I predicted this would happen and I would probably come back to find all of my accounts logged off from the launcher. Earlier today I was recalling a few days ago how they patched the launcher twice in one day, the second time while I was AFK causing the launcher to reboot and log off all of my accounts once again (thanks CCP!) I really hate that but not surprised every time it happens.

Lesson learned: Don’t leave your accounts logged on while connected to the internet or they might randomly auto-patch the launcher while you’re AFK and you won’t be there to click the “Do you want to apply the update now and restart the launcher?” will apply in 30 seconds. Save yourself the hassle of logging into every account all over again every time they want to change a font or add some new and useless PLEX advert to the launcher.

Does anyone know if there is an option/setting somewhere to not auto-apply updates for the launcher every single time? I think there might have been a checkbox on the 30 second prompt warning but I am rarely there to see it or just skip by clicking NO.


Also I don’t know if this is related but earlier today the process QTwebengineprocess.exe started running up my CPU all on it’s own when I wasn’t using the launcher or any clients at the time. I know because it started to cause my computer to freeze and I was wondering what the hell was running at the time that I couldn’t even load a tab in the browser.

I have the same problems. The launcher does not start anymore.


I found a solution. Delete the last folder in this address, then reopen your launcher. Works like a charm-

C:\Users%UserName%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\QtWebEngine\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage


Same thing happened here… could you explain a little better wbat to delerte Armkon?

Launcher keep crashing. Solution didn’t work for me. Bosh.

In that directory path that the other person linked, there is a folder with a long string of numbers/characters for a name.

I made a separate folder named ‘Backup’ in the same directory, then dropped that entire folder in there (instead of deleting it).

Once the folder in that directory was removed, the launcher was able to start.
I’m guessing this is the result of some sloppy coding related to temporary file cleanup while the launcher was patching itself.


@Midori_Twilight Indeed. This worked for me.

did not work for me
they broke my game

here is the sequence of events… was in space 2 accounts… launcher crashed with message saying EveLauncher closed ect searching for solution… none found windows will update me when a solution is available… which yea…

thought i was about to DC… did not… 20 mins later… both accounts DC and launcher window will not open fully… it loads the window then hits me with the windows error reporting / solution finding message and ultimately closes… cant do anything whatsoever deleeting the file above did not help… cant do anything to the launcher window…


“C:\Users%UserName%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\QtWebEngine\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage”

deleting this worked

I had same problem with launcher too with Windows 7 machine. Removing this one directory from C: drive fixed my issue. Here is screenshot from Reddit how to solve this issue.

Thanks to all fellow pilots who have gone out of their way to share their solutions. I searched everything, tried everything from cleaning registry using a legit registry cleaner, uninstall and install again, to deleting the Eve folder thingy as described above, nothing works. Anyone got any ideas left? This is the first time this happened to me after more than 10 yrs of playing Eve. I am running Win 10.

Sorry guys, have not been searching hard enough. Found the answer in deleting the following folder :

    Everything is good now. Thanks guys. Sorry for the trouble caused.