Attempting Fresh Re-install

Ran lsof on the launcher to figure out what it was reading from.

Killed the following directories:

Same output as documented here:

Launcher starts trying to copy things that don’t exists. Some state tracking file has to be persisting and I haven’t nailed it.

It’s not at all clear to me what state your system is in or what your original problem was other then the update bug which ccp automagically fixed. If you still have issues maybe you have a problem in the wine env itself … but you deleted your evelauncher directory too … (maybe ~/.wine ?)

That said:

Others attempting something similar:

But they had a problem fixed with an updated evelauncher… OP said:

Deleting %local%\CCP\EVE\QtWebEngine only for Windows is not enough to make the Launcher work again. I also deleted the folder “cache” which seems to be the directory where the QtWebEngine stores its cache, because there is also a “QtWebEngine” directory in it. For me it worked to also delete this directory. Now I can play again ;).

From old launcher thread:

Kismeter gives us the right directory structure in post #6 which I guess you already know but for ref on similar issues:

~/evelauncher or wherever you untarred this to has the intial wine and qt install.
~/EVE has EVE SharedCache
~/.eve has the updater updates
~/.cache/CCP/EVE has the QtWebEngine
~/.nv/GLCache for your glcache (added)
~/.config/CCP has the eve launcher configuration to set DX9 etc
~/EVE/SharedCache/wineenv/drive_c has your wine environment
~/EVE/SharedCache/wineenv/drive_c/users/${USER}/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/CCP/EVE/c_tq_tranquility/ has your eve configurations like overviews etc (used to live in ~/.wine/drive_c/users/${USER}/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE)
~/Documents/EVE gets captures and logs
~/.QtWebEngineProcess is created and empty
~/.EVE is empty 

Let us know where you are with it (with more verbosity!)

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