Uninstall old launcher and remove those files without removing Eve

How do we uninstall old launcher and remove those files without removing Eve since new launcher installed?


I would like to know as well. When I click uninstall on the icon that is black and is taking 190mb it says it will delete absolutely everything related to Eve Online so I don’t want to click that and see what happens lol.

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I have two launchers installed. Why did the new launcher not uninstall the old launcher?

Bump on this!

I got Steam client and the old and new launchers installed. Steam launches the old launcher; the new launcher uses Steam’s version of EVE.

i mean… please fix ASAP @CCP!

apparently it’s:

Get the latest launcher
Click here to download the latest launcher.

Check the SharedCache folder
Located the SharedCache in the installation folder, by default ‘C:/EVE/SharedCache/’, but may be in a different location if you changed it during your last install.

Open up the SharedCache folder
Once you have located the SharedCache folder you will want to move it manually as uninstalling the launcher will also remove the SharedCache files. So, move the SharedCache folder to another location [edit: move above EVE folder, don’t just rename] on your hard drive before continuing.

Go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Programs and Features’, or alternatively ‘Windows Settings’ > ‘Apps’, find EVE Online and press ‘Uninstall’. Don’t worry, your client settings will not be wiped by this operation.

Move the SharedCache back to the same location as before and run the EVE Launcher file that you downloaded earlier. It will ask you right away where you want to install the SharedCache, and should remember which location was chosen last time. So, if you have moved it back to the right place, just click next and it should be ready right away.

hmmmm let’s get something on the company side to click to get rid of it please. For example put an option in the new launcher settings section to locate and remove previous launchers installed.


@Nicen_Jehr Have you tried the removal of old launcher in a way you described? Did it cripple the game and reset in-game UI settings? I’m mostly affraid of losing all the in-game UI settings that I have adjusted and that can’t be exported as Overview can be exported.

I had a slight difference to the steps because I already had the newer, green icon launcher installed. So I didn’t reinstall it, I moved SharedCache outside my EVE folder, uninstalled blue “Eve Online” (leaving green “eve-online”), recreated my EVE folder, moved SharedCache back in, launched the new launcher. and hit Verify Game Files in settings. It didn’t detect any missing files. My recreated original folder now only contains SharedCache, the new launcher was previously installed to some other folder.

I did not have to redownload anything and I did not lose any window positions.

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Thx, it worked smoothly! :slight_smile: Nothing is missing

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That would take brains and not laziness on behalf of CCP.

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