Migrating old launcher to new one


can anyone please help me migrate my old launcher settings to the new one? Can’t seem to find a way to have my old UI, overview and channels settings replicate to the new launcher after a clean installation with the new launcher only. I have all my settings backed up, just need to know where to put them without having to set it all up from scratch.
Thanks alot :slight_smile:

  1. Install the new launcher. You’ll end up with two launchers installed if you look at Windows “Programs and features”.
  2. Go find you “SharedCache” folder. Cut it then paste it in on some other temporary location on your PC which is not inside your EVE instalation folder.
  3. Uninstall the old launcher via Windows “Programs and features”
  4. Cut the “SharedCache” folder from temporary location and paste in on the same place where the folder previously was.
  5. Open new launcher, go to Tools / Cache and run Verify Game Files
  6. Play, nothing will be lost :wink: It worked for me

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