Clicking on Target circle causing glitch?

Hey guys. When I left click on a target, to select the one I want, about 75% of the time the additional information circle pops up, and the cursor moves down to the ship type/name. Can I turn this off permanently?

The circle is the radial menu, and by default pops up when you click-and-hold on a target. I believe that behavior is customizable in the Shortcuts menu (Esc -> Shortcuts). I’d check right now, but do not have Eve available to do so.

You could also try to click things then immediately lift your finger. That would also prevent the radial menu from coming up. (If it still comes up despite that, then your mouse may be broken)


Thanks Petrus. Yes, even when I very quickly click on a target, the radial menu pops up probably 75% of the time, but other times it doesn’t. Gets really annoying, Maybe it’s the mouse. I’ll try a different one. Thanks again.

you’d likely have better success increasing the delay on the radial menu, or changing the button that opens it.

How do you increase the delay? That might be my problem…

There is a setting in general tab I believe called radial delay

GREAT - thanks. I missed that. Problem solved. I appreciate the assistance guys.

I was imagining a very frail elderly man clicking his mouse button down for 3 seconds at a time every time he clicked and feeling sorry for you :blush:

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