Please Help! UI issue


Please tell me there is some way to get rid of this completely useless UI element.

I’m sure there is. You can delay the press duration needed for it to show to the point that it never will, if not completely remove it.

Not in game right now but just entering, will check settings and let you know how to …

Impossible, who ever developed this useless element needs to understand what accessibility means in UI development. I want to kill it so bad it hurts.

Okay so it’s Escape Menu > General Settings > Inflight > Radial Menu Delay

Set that to Long and you will really have to want that menu to come up to ever see it again.

Hope that helps.

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I will see it again, it needs to be able to be turned off all together.

No it doesn’t.

Why would you be holding your left mouse button down on a UI element for over 10 seconds?

You can also remape the button press needed to reveal it onto a button you don’t press (like middle mouse button) and then you will definitely never see it again.

This option is above the delay option detailed above.


You can remap it. Can’t remember exactly where the option is, but it isn’t with the rest of the keybinds. Try page 3 or so of the options.

You obviously have not worked with accessibility issues. I wont get into why but ya i assigned it to the 4th mouse button, which is basically non-existence. My concern is while your asking why i would press so long, i want to ask. Why do you need such a useless thing on screen at all even if you rarely use it?

I use it all the time - horses for courses…

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The fact that you don’t like the radial menu, doesn’t mean it’s useless. I use it all the time - it’s much faster than the right click menu once you get used to it. It’s also completely optional - if you don’t like - don’t use it.


Poorly developed UI, if we can have different opinions on a complete USELESS UI element I would see 95% of my game play time taking up 60% of my screen constantly unintentionally changing my approach distances and other things set on a per object basis.

You said that, I didn’t.

I use it every day and think it’s great.

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I would rather have full 3 dimensional awareness over a UI monstrosity.

I use the radial menu all the time. For certain tasks it is far from useless, it is in fact a much faster / efficient way to do things.


Ol’ darth there is just one of those people who likes to gripe about things.


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