Client closed unexpectedly

What is going on here? I had this happen to me during a wormhole passage a while ago, then just out of the blue while sitting in station, and just now again while just sitting in a station. No notification like the downtime client termination, the client just closed and the launcher displayed a red notification.

I’ve been having similar problems this morning, except in my case - every so often it accepts mouse inputs (you can see the buttons depress etc) but doesn’t act on them. I can move the view around, so the UI is still working, but in order to log-off I have to call up a system tool and kill the program that way. It’s as if the UI and the underlying program logic have become detached from each other. I’ve also had a couple of cases where the program ‘froze’ for 10-30 seconds, no input working, but then unfroze spontaneously. I’m on Linux Mint 17.3, but I doubt that’s the problem as it’s been pretty much OK for the past 3 months.

I’m getting the same unexpected close error after Abysimal (sp?) downloaded. But it must be a more generic error since you started getting it two days ago.

I was able to resolve the problem by going into the Launcher settings and running “Verify”. 2 corrupt files were found and now it’s launching properly.

To me it happened mid game without any notification or indication.

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