Client keeps disconnecting

since a few days, the client keeps disconnecting. It happens often (sometimes I can’t even play for 5 minutes). The game is barely playable, since I can’t start anything dangerous, with the risk of losing assets when I’m in open space.

A few more details:

  • Seems like it happens more often when I’m in space (reaching mining sites or other places with other players around); when docked, it rarely disconnects
  • I’m cabled (using ethernet, not wifi)
  • Internet is stable, everything else works fine
  • No issues with other games
  • I’m based in EU
  • I used to play EVE with no issues in the past, with the same setup (ISP, computer, connections, settings)

Is there any known server side issues? Anything changed lately? I took a break from may to october, I know the Client switched to 64bit but I’m not aware of other changes; the only thing I know is that since I came back, a few days ago, I can barely play the game.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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