Cloak Gate Sound Issue

So going through gates in a cloaked ship appears to attach a low rumbling sound of the gate to the ship. I do not notice it if I’m flying around in a non cloaked ship though. Not sure how that relates but having to move a lot of stuff with my Prorator is about to drive me insane… Like prior bugs with the gate, getting into the station and “turning it off and on again” appears to be the only fix. I would assume related but not entirely sure

I experience something similar with covops cloaks, the ship sounds are persistent even after docking. They do stop when you switch ships, or when you wait long enough while docked.

Have you allready placed a Bugreport ?

Nope, for the simple reason that there seem to be several bugs now at the same time, without an identifiable origin. One has to do with the cloak, one with accessing customs offices, a new one with sounds missing in stations, etc. The audio seems to be in a bit of messy state right now.

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