Sound options - ship effects, de-cloaking sound and UMPFH - a separation would be greatly appreciated

So quick suggestions here.

I love the sound effects of ships coming in and out of warp, the “umpf” sound.
Having “Ship Effects” on '100% volume" means super bassy umpfh of gloryness, which I LOVE.

I do not love how annoying and loud the de-cloaking sound or what the hell is happening with the sound after jumping a gate.

As it is now the only slider we can adjust is “Ship Effects” which when lowered, also removes to warp in-out “umpf” of other ships, but when at normal - or high levels - the “de-cloaking” sound effects after jumping gates is way too loud and kind of annoying.
Adding to that, I do love the sound the ship makes when running a MWD of Afterburner. But again see above and below:

Continuing on the same issue - I´d like to be able to lower the sound of the warp itself (some of its sound is awesome, other parts not so much) and that too would be great to be able to separate - again without having the cool “umpfhs” of third party warps affected.

A way to separate these would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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