Cloaked Goof Is Recruiting!

New to Eve? Rejoining after a hiatus? Just looking for a change? Come join us at Cloaked Goof, your premier null sec corporation!
Eve has changed a lot in the past few years, there’s myriad opportunities to take advantage of in the game. As a member of Goonswarm, we have the resources to ensure that no matter which one you want to explore, there are people and resources to help you to do it. Whether you want to kick back and chat while doing some relaxing mining or want to hot drop marshals on an unexpected mining fleet, our members will be there shoulder to shoulder enjoying it with you.
Who are we?
• Long standing corporation that is focused on having fun together in EVE
• Proud members of GSF and the Imperium, offering all of the resources that that entails
• Not a megacorp, so you won’t get lost in the numbers
• A close community where piloting skills and friendships are built simultaneously, the latter of which has resulted in many of us meeting up and having a blast with real life shenanigans
What do we offer?
• A wealth of knowledge provided by our experienced leadership / corporation members
• An active, engaging and friendly community full of content
• Exclusive access to a wide variety of corp and alliance level SIGs, Squads and services
• Discord / Mumble / Jabber / forum services to help with everything we have to offer
• Well stocked market and a home in the most profitable region of space in EVE… and we want you to come and see the truth of that for yourselves.
• Alliance SRP to ensure you’re always able to get back into the fight
• Corp ore buyback, Fleet Command bonuses, and more!
What are some daily activities that you might get up to?
• Theory crafting new ideas / fittings to try so you can get on those sweet, sweet killmails
• PVP roams in all areas. You name it we go there, in anything from frigates to capitals
• PVE and industry to make your monies!
• Mining with boosts, ratting and abyssals, blueprints help you keep production going… the list goes on
What are our requirements?
• ~5 million skillpoint minimum is preferred
• Mandatory services usage and active participation ( reasonable activity requirements )
• Always respect your fellow capsuleers.
• Willingness to learn and get involved
• Ages 18+

Pilots with strong interpersonal communication skills as well as those who feel they may have an aptitude for fleet command are encouraged to inquire.
Join us in our in game recruitment channel or our Discord server, and we would be more than happy to talk to you!
In game : The Cloak Room
Discord : Cloaked Goof
We look forward to seeing you there!

Come and chat with us and see if Cloaked Goof is right for you!

Cloaked Goof is running rampant with fun fleets in null! Join up today!

Join up with Cloaked Goof now and have a blast!

Cloaked Goof is still recruiting!

With new conflicts arising in null sec, now is the perfect time to branch your horizons to large scale PVP! Join Cloaked Goof and you’ll be on your way to Fleet Command!

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