[EU/US tz] Cloaked Goof is recruiting! Let's get rich and get some kills together!


:rocket: Join Cloaked Goof - a Goonswarm Corporation - Conquer the Cosmos in EVE Online! :rocket:

Ahoy, Capsuleers of New Eden!

Are you ready to soar through the stars, claim your place among the galaxies, and forge your destiny in the ever-expansive universe of EVE Online? Look no further than the mighty Cloaked Goof – a community renowned for its indomitable spirit, cunning strategies, and legendary camaraderie.

:milky_way: Why Cloaked Goof? :milky_way:

:shield: Strength in Unity: As part of Cloaked Goof (and Goonswarm Federation), you’ll be joining a formidable alliance of like-minded pilots, pooling their knowledge, skills, and resources to dominate the universe. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!

:moneybag: Lucrative Ventures: The riches of New Eden await those who seize them. With access to prime mining, trading, and industry opportunities, you’ll amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

:rocket: Epic Fleet Engagements: From large-scale battles to covert operations, Cloaked Goof engages in epic fleet combat that will get your adrenaline pumping. Your actions will echo across the stars!

:globe_with_meridians: Vast Sovereignty: Our influence extends across sovereign space, offering you access to territories ripe for exploration, exploitation, and domination.

:trophy: Endless Accomplishments: With our robust infrastructure and experienced mentors, you’ll have the chance to rise through the ranks, unlocking new ships, weapons, and abilities as you carve out your legacy.

:handshake: Community Bonds: At the heart of Cloaked Goof is a diverse and tightly-knit community. Forge friendships, share experiences, and revel in the shared triumphs of our members.

:star2: Requirements: :star2:

A thirst for adventure and a hunger for success.
A respectful and cooperative attitude.
The ability to adapt to our strategies and tactics.
Willingness to use voice communication for fleet operations.
:milky_way: How to Join: :milky_way:

Embarking on this journey is simple! Head over to our recruitment channel in-game, join our Discord Server, and chat with our friendly recruitment officers. They’ll guide you through the process, answer your questions, and help you find your place in Cloaked Goof.

:space_invader: Connect with Us: :space_invader:

:link: Visit our official website: https://cloakedgoof.com/
:link: Join our recruitment channel in-game: “The Cloak Room”

Unleash your potential, pilot. Become a part of Cloaked Goof ( and Goonswarm Federation) and shape the cosmos to your will. Adventure, glory, and a universe of opportunity await. See you in the stars! :stars::rocket:

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+1 I can vouch. I played Eve for years, before Cloaked Goof came along, and i gave them a try. I have had more fun, adventures, eve stories, and friends since I joined than i ever experienced in twice the time playing Eve before.

We are a corp here for our members, no matter the skill level.

We are still recruiting!

Awesome corp to join. highly recommend!

Guess what??? We are still recruiting!

We are still around and recruiting.

The cloaked recruiter is still a goof.

Wait that’s not right. The goofy recruiter is cloaked.

I think I’ve got it. Cloaked Goof is recruiting!

Still recruiting just as ever! Don’t be afraid to decloak in our recruiting room :slight_smile:

Hey Eve players, guess what?

What Admiral? Please tell us

The cloaked goof is recruiting

Time to apply! We are actively recruiting so stop by and talk to us.

If you like cloaky things or having fun or both come join us.

Message from our glorious CEO-Grusom Harkonen
I will say in my entire Eve Career, being the CEO of this amazing corp has been the highlight. Ever since joining for the reformation of Cloaked Goof we have been in the fight! We are a mix of hardened veterans and scrappy new players! I am proud of where this corp is today and how we got here! If you are looking for a close knit group of friends to fly and die with yah, feel free to either join our discord Cloaked Goof

Or visit us in our ingame public lobby, The Cloak Room

Just another day in Eve reminding everyone that CLGF is recruiting.

Hey yall we are still recruiting. Come join our discord. Cloaked Goof

Come check out the best corp in EVE!

Hey Eve players! We are still recruiting!