CLOAKED GOOF - 0.0 Casual Community and New player concept corp Seeking Members

Thanks for taking the time to read !!

Cloaked Goof

We are a long standing eve corp that reformed last year to get back to the real fun in EVE, no more bitter vet syndrome, Just a bunch of people having a laugh, chewing rocks, making isk and killing people.

Proud members of GSF and the Imperium, we currently reside in the centre of the most profitable region of space in EVE.

We are looking for new and old members alike who are active and participate in any forms of eve activity. Alphas and Omegas welcome to a growing corporation that seeks to train pilots to the best of their abilities.

What do we offer ???

:arrow_right: Extensive training provided by our experienced leadership and corporation members
:arrow_right: Introductions to null space
:arrow_right: An active and friendly community
:arrow_right: Corporation and Alliance level services (voice, and IM)
:arrow_right: Discord / Teamspeak / Mumle / Jabber and forum services all to aid your accessability to everything the corp and alliance have on offer
:arrow_right: Extensive and well stocked market at more often than not cheaper than jita prices !!

Daily activities that you might get up to

:arrow_right: Alpha and New player training sessions either corp or the Alliance 101 program
:arrow_right: Theory crafting new ideas, fittings or concepts to try out
:arrow_right: Roaming gangs in nullsec / Lowsec / wormholes, you name it, we go there
:arrow_right: Mining (with maxx boosts chewing on the best rocks EVE has to offer.)
:arrow_right: Ratting in on of the 100 systems that have max upgrades in
:arrow_right: Capital umbrella protection for those who wish to play with big toys


:arrow_right: No skillpoint requirement Alphas are welcome
:arrow_right: Ability to fly basic bc and cruisers or willing to train
:arrow_right: Mandatory services usage
:arrow_right: Active participation (activity requirement)
:arrow_right: Willingness to learn and get involved

I am seeking older pilots who feel they may be able to support in this corp being built. people with strong interpersonal communication skills as well as those who feel they may have a appitude for fleet command.

Join us in our recruitment channel (‘CLGF Recruitment’) for more information or contact any of our recruitment team members.

Let us help you get the best out of Eve.

Hopefully I will hear from many of you soon :grinning:


To the top !!! first 3 days of recruiting have gone really quite well. Come speak to us for more info

We are a combination of old veterans, up and coming newer players, and newly joined pilots trying to create an environment and a community that is friendly to new pilots and veterans alike.

We were able to accomplish this spectacularly in Pure Blind, with our limited resources while we were the lead corporation in Cascade Imminent Alliance. We now have all the resources Goonswarm has to offer and we’re looking to create a fun, cooperative community that is accepting of all types of players.

Come join us in CLGF Recruitment channel in game and have a chat with our leadership, members and recruiters today!!

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Join CLGF Recruitment channel today!


Pretty legit group!

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Hello! I’m a brand new Eve player - really been enjoying the game! Got some advice from some buddies that said to join a solid/reliable corp who will take the time to teach you. I’m teachable and willing to learn! Thanks!

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Definitely reach out to us in our in game recruitment channel CLGF Recruitment!! We have recruiters standing by.

Been watching this Corp grow for over a year now and let me tell you, best decision I’ve made in Eve! Join CLGF Recruitment today!!!

Been here for a year now, and happy to be here. I plan on going with the friends I have made to Vegas, and I have met and enjoyed beers with many of them already. This is a group to grow with and have some great times with.

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