CLOAKED GOOF - New player concept corp Seeking Members

Thanks for taking the time to read !!

Cloaked Goof is a long standing eve corp that is reforming after a 2 years break.

We are proud members of the Caldari Militia and currently maintain and look after part of the black rise region on its behalf.

We are looking for new and old members alike who are active and participate in any forms of eve activity. Alphas and Omegas welcome to a growing corporation that seeks to train pilots to the best of their abilities.

What do we offer ???

:arrow_right: Extensive training provided by our experienced leadership and corporation members
:arrow_right: Introductions to null space
:arrow_right: An active and friendly community
:arrow_right: Discord / Teamspeak and forum services
:arrow_right: Jump freighter usage through Corp Contracts

Daily activities that you might get up to

:arrow_right: Alpha and New player training sessions
:arrow_right: Theory crafting new ideas
:arrow_right: Roaming gangs in nullsec / Lowsec
:arrow_right: Agressive and Defensive LP plexing for isk making


:arrow_right: No skillpoint requirement Alphas are welcome
:arrow_right: Ability to fly basic bc and cruisers or willing to train
:arrow_right: Mandatory Teamspeak usage
:arrow_right: Active participation
:arrow_right: Willingness to learn

I am seeking older pilots who feel they may be able to support in this corp being built. Many friends have offered to help and I have gratefully accepted, But I though it might be good to offer that opportunity to those who haven’t yet been part of a corps leadership from an early stage to see what its all about.

Join us in our recruitment channel (‘CLGF Recruitment’) for more information or contact any of our recruitment team members.
Let us help you get the best out of Eve.

Hopefully I will hear from many of you soon :grinning:

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Bump Goof is still looking :slight_smile:

bump 12 in 2 days half and half alpha / old pilots so some great progress

bump on this wonderful sunday :slight_smile:




to the very top, 31 in corp now growing in activity, 10 - 15 active pm eu and early us currently. get involved :slight_smile:


nearly 50 now, great week recruiting :slight_smile:

60 and still looking

Bump 80 now

Bumpity bump! :smile:

152 and counting!!! we have around 20 active eutz and ustz weekdays now pushing to 30 at weekends, lots going on and lots of happy new bros learning eve together

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free stuff?

Wouldn’t 0.0 space be false advertising? I thought Sarco space was now Galmilistan

This corp was not involved in cloud ring just the ceo. we were based in tenerifis. thank you for your concern.

Corp is back on the recruitment push, looking for more pilots to join our active pvp wing.

Bump Corp is moving along really well! We’ve Moved to Null sec tooks sov and were looking for some new blood so come join us guys!

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