[CLGF] Want Explosions, and Adventure?! Join Cloaked Goof Today!

The Blue Donut is Dead! Join Cloaked Goof today!!!

Want access to plenty of PvP all over the galaxy? Want access to a myriad ways to PvE in Eve? Then Goonswarm member Corps and Imperium Coalition member groups are the place for you!!!

So if you’re tired being blue to the majority of the galaxy, Cloaked Goof is be the group for you! We are looking for mid to high SP players who already have a solid grasp of basic mechanics at a minimum, but are always willing to learn more!

We pride ourselves on not just being a Eve Corp, but a tight knit community whose members and leadership look out for each other. While PvP is what drives us, we have members that partake in all aspects of PvE!

Who are we?

Long standing corporation that is focused on having fun together in EVE
Proud members of GSF and the Imperium, offering all of the resources that that entails
Not a megacorp, so you won’t get lost in the numbers
A close community where piloting skills and friendships are built simultaneously, the latter of which has resulted in many of us meeting up and having a blast with real life shenanigans

What do we offer?

A wealth of knowledge provided by our experienced leadership / corporation members
An active, engaging and friendly community full of content
Exclusive access to a wide variety of corp and alliance level SIGs, Squads and services
Discord / Mumble / Jabber / forum services to help with everything we have to offer

What are our requirements?

Interest in participating in corp and alliance operations.
Ability to fly Tech 2 cruisers and a willingness to train Battleships and Tech 2 Large Guns is a plus.
A mature attitude and mindset mixed with some common courtesy.
Willingness to learn and get involved
Ages 18+
~30 million skillpoint minimum is preferred

We are also seeking older pilots who feel they may be able to support and contribute to the continued growth of the corporation.
Pilots with strong interpersonal communication skills as well as those who feel they may have an aptitude for fleet command are encouraged to inquire.

We just want to pew pew with our internet spaceships in our favorite online multiplayer game.

Endless Opportunities Abound! Join Cloaked Goof today!!!

In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord : Cloaked Goof
We look forward to seeing you there!

This is a battle report from this morning showing an attempt by PAPI to come say “Hi” to Goons in our home system: Battle Report Tool

Naysayers may say “well yeah that’s your staging system” and I will invite them to look at the following Battle Report from T5ZI a.k.a PAPI Staging: Battle Report Tool

Our members were heavily involved in both fights, as well as the fight last night in E-V: Battle Report Tool

We’re not afraid to take fights even if the odds are against us. We have full SRP on all our doctrine ships and most importantly, we have fun!

Hello Everyone!! If you haven’t heard yet PAPI has decided to end their offensive. Now the real fun begins!!

With Cloaked Goof you will have access to quantity AND quality PvP content!!

The war is not over!! The Great Crusade begins!!

If you’re not familiar with the war or maybe hesitant to try living in null sec fear not. Just drop in and have a chat with our leadership and recruitment teams about the benefits and perks of being part of a medium sized Corporation nestled snugly in a powerful, and secure Null Sec power bloc.

In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord : [Cloaked Goof Interview room (Cloaked Goof Interview room)
We look forward to seeing you there!

Leading this corp for the last 13 months has been probably my favorite time in my whole career in EVE! I look forward for new members to join our ranks and get in on the fun we are having! I am feel very blessed!

If you would like to get to know us more please join the channels below!
In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord : [Cloaked Goof Interview room (Cloaked Goof Interview room

Do you love flying cool ships? How about triglavian ships? Want to go out and krab to your heart’s content and use that well earned isk to smash down an enemy’s door? Join us at Cloaked Goof, a member of Goonswarm Federation. Lots of laughs to be had as we clean up the remnants of PAPI, engage in weekly corp PVP fun fleets and near daily corp mining and ratting ops.

If you would like to get to know us more please join the channels below!
In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord : [Cloaked Goof Interview room (Cloaked Goof Interview room)

Hey everyone! Just because the war is “over” does not mean there is nothing to do!

We have people to hunt and walls to rebuild!

Want to stalk papi ratters in your bomber? Good, grab that ship and join on up!
Want to use your shiny triangle to pop some structures? Good, grab that ship and join on up!
Want to rat and mine to your hearts content? Good, grab that ship and join on up!
Want to be a part of a friendly welcoming corp that runs group ops in both PVP and PVE? Good, grab that ship and join on up!

There has never been a better time to convo one of the recruiters at CLGF, we welcome you with open arms and look to help all capsuleers with us thrive whatever your niche is!

If you would like to get to know us more please join the channels below!
In game : CLGF Recruitment
Discord : [Cloaked Goof Interview room (Cloaked Goof Interview room)

Kitchen sink corp ops, tons of alliance fleet ops, coordinated small gang ops, we got it all!!

Lots of corp mates, PVP, rock popping… You name it!. Come join the fun!

Recruitment is open. Come join us!

Expanding your horizons in null sec? Come join us today!

Glassing regions, flying blops, mining to your heart’s content, we’ve got it all! Join Cloaked Goof Today!

Looking for a new community? We are it! Whether you want active in-game corp mates, people to play other games with too, and even some tabletop shenanagins, no corp is as tight knit as us!

Active and involved leadership, plenty of pve isk printing opportunities and loads of pvp opportunities. Overall a great community of people who enjoy blowing up other people’s pixels.

Here’s a thought:

Stop looking endlessly through the hype. Hit us up and let’s chat. If you’re a PvP’r with a variety of interests, there’s no better thing to be than to be a Goon.


If you want to be a Goon, there’s simply no better way of getting that distinction than by becoming a member of Cloaked Goof!

‘Nough said! See ya in the “lobby.”

Recruitment is open, and we’re looking for you! Hit us up at Cloaked Goof, and let the fun begin.

Be serious, be ready to learn, and be ready to ask yourself “why did I wait this long…?”

Give us a call, the phone lines are open. Cloaked Goof is actively recruiting.

We’re a PvP-focused Corp., but there’s plenty of opportunities and support no matter where your interests lie.

Be a part of the most renowned corporation, alliance, and coalition ever assembled in New Eden…be a part of history. We’re still making it!

Recruiting is open…get in while the “getting is good!”

If you like PvP, you move to the front of the line. But, don’t let that discourage you from applying if your interests lie in other areas. We are a combat-focused corporation, yet our members are diverse in what they prefer.

No matter what you gravitate towards, the content is here in Cloaked Goof.

See ya in the interview room!

We invite you to come be a part of a corporation with a rich history that dates back to the earliest parts of New Eden.

From mayhem to money-making, there’s not a dull moment in Cloaked Goof.

Come join us in NullSec.

Recruitment is open and interview rooms are free. Don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions you might have.

Life is short, waist no more time. You’ll be happy you made the call

So many things going on here in NullSec! Come join us in Cloaked Goof and be a part of it all.

We’re looking for PvP focused players, but no matter what your forte, you’ll sure to find more of it here with us than elsewhere in New Eden.