[CLGF] Want Explosions, and Adventure?! Join Cloaked Goof Today!

Join Cloaked Goof today and gain access to an awesome Goonswarm member Corp focused on developing and creating content in Eve Online as well as building a community that exceeds the bounds of Eve Online.

Cloaked Goof is a well established community that offers stability, camaraderie, plenty of PvE content and tons of PvP content both on a Corp level and alliance level. Join today to find out more!

We are an active and supportive community. From bitter NullSec veterans to HighSec lifers looking to try something new, we’ve got content for everyone. Stop by our Discord and talk to a recruiter today!

Come join us as we finish cleaning up all our space, its too much for just us, think of all the isk you could make!

So many things going on here in NullSec! Come join us in Cloaked Goof and be a part of it all.

We’re looking for PvP focused players, but no matter what your forte, you’ll sure to find more of it here with us than elsewhere in New Eden.

We’re looking for engaged pilots who want to broaden their celestial horizons, and you’re looking for place that offers that potential.

The sound you just heard was the galactic ball coming back into your court. The next move is up to you.

Give Cloaked Good a shout…we’re recruiting!

Come have some fun with us in Null Sec! We’re recruiting!

This holiday season if you’re looking for a change in eve, look no further than cloaked goof!

One of the most active PVP and PVE corps in null sec, join our community today!

Come join us in Delve for PVP fun with PVE activities too!

Come join us as we expand the Imperium in null sec! New opportunities every day for PVE and PVP!

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Come join us in PVP fun as we wipe the floor with our null sec enemies!

Cloaked Goof, always active, always fun!

Feel like getting rich off the fat of the land? Raiding our enemies and prospering in our peaceful regions is what we are all about!

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