Cloaking Alts


I would like to make a couple of cloaking alt’s, specifically for avoiding gate camps. Can anyone suggest a skill plan for this, I maybe over thinking this, I like to be thorough.

Just train the skills required to operate the Cloaking Device and any ship you might have them piloting. If you also want to give them some survivability you would also have to train the Core skills affecting Hull, Armor and Shield

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Don’t forget the tears buckets!


Aside from what Sakimura said, I would suggest training an interceptor as a ship of choice so you can easily warp off a gate and to a gate perch/safe to cloak if there are bubbles (assuming you’re going to nullsec), otherwise a bomber is good, in my opinion.

ty for your replies, been very helpful

Agree with Yumi if you’re scouting use a cepter. If you’ve got lots of SP to allocate into it, a nullified covert T3C also makes a good scout in that it can break a small camp, can function as a covert cyno for bridging a blockade runner if that’s what you’re scouting for.

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