Cloaking device modules & mobile observatories - Cloak stablization timer, suggestion!

Hi to whom it may concern,

The modified cloaking device modules that are now granted a temporary buff, which is called “Cloak stablization” which is to coincide with the new mobile observatory modules which will effectively decloak all ships system wide if their “Cloak stablization” timer has already run down.

All amicable in the attempt at eradicating the poisonous affect of true afk cloaking camping/hot drop in remote systems etc., but could you at least change the game play whereby the 15 minutes of “Cloak stablization” ONLY comes into affect once a mobile observatory module has actually been deployed within the system, as it seem a little unfair to those that play that kind of game play within EvE to be penalised by having the 15 minutes of “Cloak stablization” run down ‘regardless’ of whether or not a mobile observatory module is in place within the system or not?

In addition when said mobile observatory module has eventually been deployed, perhaps there ought to be a subtle sound notification that one’s ship “Cloak stablization” has been activated notifying the player, (who is very much likely to have multiple accounts), that one of their characters has circa 15mins to get their act together or risk loosing their ship if they truly are afk, which is no more than such pesky players deserve.

Thank you in advance for your time in reading the suggestion, much appreciated.

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I dont think that is necessary. You have 10 minutes to first ping after the Observatory has been deployed plus the fact that it is a 40% chance. So assuming you fully flesh out the statisitcs thats 3 pings before a guaranteed decloalk. Adding another 15 minutes is just even more time consuming.

By the way you get a sound notification when you are being decloaked. just quickly press cloak again and warp and there is 0% chance of anything happening to you :slight_smile:

OP has a point. Even in systems where the MOOB can’t be deployed (e.g. hisec) you get that cloak stab timer icon on top of the cap display. At the very least it would be elegant if that extra icon did not show up in those parts of space (hisec, w-space).

As to LS and NS, other system wide effects only show up via icons when they actually occur. So why not follow the same paradigm for the MOOB?

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