Stabilize Cloak Duration?

What does the stabilize cloak duration time mean?

Covert Ops Cloaking Device has a Stabilized Cloak Duration of 15 minutes. Does that mean I can only stay cloaked for 15 minutes?

No, I believe it means it will stay cloaked no matter what for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minute timer, if someone in system activates the new cloak interdiction module/item thingy, there is a chance your cloak will fail and you will be scannable.


The cloak stab timer indicates immunity against the effect of a deployed mobile observatory (MOOB, as they coined it in some threads on this and other forums), regardless if there actually is one deployed or even if it is even possible to deploy one (one can’t in hisec and w-space).

Situation 1: there is no MOOB deployed in the system, you stay cloaked when the timer runs out

Situation 2: there is a MOOB, or multiple ones deployed, you have a chance to get decloaked when the MOOB does its thing (40% chance by any ping from a MOOB ?) if the timer runs out.

The timer can always be reset by uncloaking and immediately recloaking.

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There is a completely different meaning for that.

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there is ? please tell me :smiley: (if it doesn’t violate any forum rules, in which case you can send a mail instead, lol)

Here’s a hint. Statistically, it applies to around 70% of American men in general and 95% of Fanfest attendees.

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Mysteriouser and mysteriouser. What ails those American men, sir ?

okay, i just had to look it up myself. Why yes, that’s exactly how I feel about that new deployable, come to think of it. Win win.

It’s a portmanteau. But just telling you won’t do it justice. For maximum impact, type moob into your search engine’s image viewer.

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