Cloaky camp/Blops pilots and/or corps wanted

We are currently looking to grow and be able to take on bigger and better targets.

For that reason we are in the look out for cloaky gate campers that want to be part of our humble organization.

If you can fly a HAM T3, recons or any bomber ( Polarized/T2 and T1), then you are a good candidate for us.

If you like to camp but cant fly cloaky ships just yet thats fine as well, as long you are willing to train for any of the ships mentioned above.

We do need bait ships to provoke a good fight, now and then;)

As group we are independent so everything that moves is a target and we do not answer to anyone accept ourselves.

We are currently operating from Pochven and Venal.

If you want to talk to us, you can either join our ingame channel β€œthe morgue.” or join our discord below


check us out

we are still looking for new family members

Look us up

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