[SERVICE] Cloaked. Cloaky Camping. Scouting, and more

We are Cloaked.

We offer camping services for hire, customized to your needs. Some of our packages include:

  • Passive: We cloaky camp systems (ns/ls/hs) and dissuade activity. We can cover significant portions of entire regions.
  • Active (on behalf of you): We provide you with intel of activity under our campers, and provide tackle and cynos for your fleets.
  • Active (full service): We will work with our own members to suppress activity in the area independently of the need for you to form fleets, allowing you to focus on other things.
  • Wardec package: We will camp specific requested highsec systems and wardec specific targets requested by you.
  • Structure package: We do not directly provide this service, but some of our close friends do. Inquire here and we will connect you.

Other services we can provide:

  • Eyes/Livestreams: Discord live stream video of gates, hostile staging systems, highsec ganking pipes, you name it. Give us a location, or list of locations, and we can stream them directly to you in real time.
  • Locator agents: on a per request basis
  • Dossier services: We will gather intel on an entity you name. Do you want to know which characters run jump freighters, capitals, supers, or titans? Do you want to know which times they’re active? We will provide you with a detailed report of characters, alts, times of operation, ships they fly, etc.


Current Coverage available for up to 60 systems concurrently

Interested in a contract? Inquire at https://discord.gg/RPGZMzg and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Currently Accepting Contracts

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Good luck to you! For future ads or posts, would you like to have some custom artwork? I could rig up some pretty cool artwork on this topic!
You can contact me IG

I can vouch for this service. These guys are great at what they do.

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We are currently accepting contracts. Come join us on our discord!

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