Right Click "Jump" corp Looking for Drones

Thanks for dropping by, want to continue dropping into non-consensual pvp? Are you…

  • Interested in cloaky things?
  • Interested in learning about cloaky things?
  • Interested in using the BLOPS for more than feeding fuel?
  • Interested in feeding fuel?

We are looking to build a small group, starting from scratch, lets make something and own it.

  • Ship handouts and SRP
  • Null Home for newer players to learn and grow
  • EU TZ primary
  • Null deployments, filiment fleets, yeet fleets, NPSI friendly.
  • Pretty casual and relaxed.

Free prospects on sign-up…

We’re after self sufficient people or people eager to learn the game with a go get them attitude. You don’t drop waiting for pings in discord. Effort is rewarded and we’re all about the effort. So, we say casual and relaxed. That doesn’t mean a coma and ping fleets.

If you have questions Drop me a message or mail in game. Or you can hit up our channel “Hot Dropped” and have a chat.

Its 4:20 somewhere.

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