Cloaky camping counter play idea!

I would like to purpose a possible idea to a potential way of countering cloaky camping. The idea is you have an I hub upgrade that can be installed that would allow you to turn on a kind of burst throughout the system and would instantly decloak anyone in system. Now you wouldn’t be able to do this but every so often so use it wisely.

You would be able to use it at ADM-1 every 14hours, ADM-2 12 hours, ADM-3 10 hours, ADM-4 8 hours, ADM 5 every 6 hours. The use of this burst can only be used by people given access to do so like someone would have access to gun a citadel. So if your being camped a suspect that the threat could be AFK you could pop the burst and be able to probe them down and kill them. If the target is not AFK they would be able to warp off or cloak back up after there recloak timer is up.

All numbers used based on the ADM could be raised or lowered but the initial layout is solid and they at least would finally be counter play to someone that logs in after down time and just goes to work cloaked up in system just AFK. It also gives the cloaky pilot the ability to recloak and get back to camping their targets if able to.

Pass this around to everyone and lets see what happens shall we. Constructive criticism welcome thanks everyone!

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