Clone Bay Suggestion

Add a Clone Bay to all stations with Level 4 and 5 mission agents.

Almost all stations have a clone bay, whats the problem.

your going to need to give a reason of some sort?

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You still haven’t given an explanation behind your proposal.

What’s your reason to dispute it?

why should we grant minimal risk by providing convenience to mission runners over any other form of game play?

exactly as i said in my first post… almost all stations have a clone bay… no need to have one in every single bobdarn station.

I post on this forum section just because there’s no in game UI tools for suggestions except to report bugs. It’s not because I wanna prove something…

There are relatively many well populated systems without any stations with a clone bay. It has nothing to do with risk/reward stuff. In any security system, the risk/reward ratio will be taken into account as soon as you undock.

Long story short. I’m suggesting this because I wanna have different clones with a specific set of implants like shield+missile (guristas space) or armor+laser (sansha/blood raiders space) setups.

sounds like a good place to make some isk setting up your own then



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