Increase Clone Limit on Station

It its kind of a hassle to juggle 3 different Implantat Sets (or more).
In my case its a clean Clone, Learning Clone, PvP Clone 1,[PvP Clone +n]
Even thought you can undock Station 1 -> warp to Station 2 -> Change Clone -> Undock Station 2 -> warp & dock Station 1 -> Enter PvP Ship it seems like a unnecessary thing if it was allowed to keep multiple clones in a single Station.
I searched and found that @Merkelchen brought it up in Meeting 16 – August 28 & I would be interested as well if the limitation could be adjusted or just removed.


We’ve been asking about it. We will continue to ask.


Are there any counter arguments against it, or is it just a coding thing?

I’ve never heard any real arguments against it. Just a question of getting attention and resources.

This is much needed as its also partially responsible for Structure sprawl. Benefits all players as well including station owners

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