Remove the cooldown timer when initiating a clonejump inside the same NPC station

We just got a nice quality of life change where you can now install multiple clones in the same station. What I was thinking would be nice too, is to remove the cooldown timer when initiating a clonejump in the same NPC station. We have this feature already in upwell structures, why we cannot have that in NPC stations too? That would be a nice quality of life change.
Then we no longer need throw-away citadels to roll drugs for abyssal sites etc and that would reduce structure spam.

Alternatively, what about if you were able to directly plug out drugs from the character sheet? But only when docked inside station or structure, so that you can’t endlessly roll pills during combat until you get a roll without side effects.

…which has the added benefit of higher sales on drugs! Sounds like a good idea.

Yeah, but that’s a really big benefit of putting clones in player owned structures. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have my cake and eat it too (clones are completely safe, don’t have to anchor a structure, and I don’t have to deal with clone jump timers), but it isn’t a straight quality of life issue. It also affects risk versus reward, and removes one of the incentives for structure ownership (people might complain about structure spam, but one man’s garbage is another man’s content).

But that should not.
There should not be a reason to force people into structure rather than stations.

Benefit of public structures should not be a aim for structures.
Because in the end, it’s just a free cake for those who can monopolize that service. It does not create conflict, it just makes one group take all the cake and spread it with allies.

I repeat : structures should have ZERO benefit over stations, besides being able to be set wherever you want. They should only be “more convenient”, not “mandatory for activity X” - at least in HS. There is no reason why empires, who own the space, would install lower-quality services than those available. The only benefit from putting a raitaru instead of a astrahus should be the cost of services ; the bonuses should be added to the rigs and the multiplier set to 0 in HS.


This is already on my list. It should be the same as for citadels, I agree.

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